How to increase the browser speed?

Hello friends, if your browsing speed is slow or internet speed is running, then you should look at this trick and see that your internet speed is already working so that there will be problem in your internet connection or any other problem. There may be also the problem in the browser if the browsing speed has decreased, then there may be a decrease in the browser. However there are many many ways to increase browsing speed on internet but in the meantime you are going to tell you a method that allows you to use the software without any of the software Of your browsing speed can be a big way is a lot of software on the internet to browsing speed increase |

Increase the speed of the browser:

By the way, many browsers on the internet are available on the internet. But in this you are going to tell by using this trick using chrome browser, some steps have been given to increase browsing speed. You can follow them.

How to increase the browser speed?

Step 1 – Clear Browsing History –

  • Go to the menu bar settings of your browser and then click History and all browsing history
    Delete cookies
  • Type chrome: // history into the link address bar in your chrome browser and press enter key
  • {For browsing history delete connectors – press Ctrl + H key and click on Clear browsing data.} This is the short cut method.


Step 2 – Disable the plugins you can not access

  • Enter the Chrome: // plugins type in the link address bar
  • And disable plugins that don’t uses plugins.


Step 3- Remove or disable the extension that you do not use

  • First go to the more tools option in menu bar there. And click on the Extension in that & disable or remove the extensions you do not use.
  • Or type chrome: // extensions in the link address bar and press enter key.


Step 4 – Update your browser –

  • Go to the menu bar of the browser and then update> About Google Chrome and browser.
  • Or type chrome: // help in the link address bar.

How to increase the browser speed?

I hope that the steps I have given to you will vary in the speed of your browser and there are so many software available on the internet to increase the speed of the browser. You can also use them.