10 Solid Reasons Why You Should Start using VPN Today

Top 10 reasons why we should start using a VPN, Real Facts:-

why we should start using a VPN

VPN stands for Virtual private network and today we are going to tell you why it is important and how can it be benificial for us in many aspects. In developing countries such as in India, most of the people are not aware of VPN. VPNs are affordable and easy to use in your PC and smartphone. They can be run along with a firewall and antivirus/anti-malware solution. You should start using VPN to keep every moment you spend online completely private. We have tried here to cover top 10 reasons why you should start using a VPN.

1. Browse Securely on Public Wi-Fi:

you are out shopping or just staying at hotel, you notice a free Wi-Fi. It’s very common reaction is to get online quickly, and start using that free internet. But have you ever think how secure it is, before using that connection. Believe me it can be very risky as your browsing is unencrypted and these unencrypted radio waves can be picked by anyone. The free Wi-Fi could be a fake internet connection to track your important details to misuse it. But if you have already VPN installed in your device, you don’t need to worry because the data your device is sending or receiving is encrypted.

why we should start using a VPN
2. Beat Location-Based Streaming Restrictions:

Many streaming based services could be location-based that means if that service is restricted for UK only then you can’t watch it from India. But using VPN you can fool the service provider into thinking that you’re in a different country and that’s why you have every right to watch that content like the rest of UK people have. VPNs use hundreds of servers, through them you can securely connect and route data via them. So a computer in India could connect to a server in the UK.

3. Defeat Oppressive Government Censorship:

Governments have the power to block the websites that you might need to use in their country. Might be you are living in a country, where some services are unavailable for your countrymen. The answer is VPN, a VPN can be used to access the materials and services you want to use without any security apparatus. The data is encrypted by the VPN, which means that every online action is private.

4. Save Money on Online Shopping:-

It could be possible, some online stores will display different prices for the same item, based on which country you’re browsing from. This could be anything, so next time if you are seeing a price difference in two countries, you can switch VPN server for that country and take the discounted deal.

why we should start using a VPN

5. Save Money on Flight Tickets:-

Airfares can be cheaper if bought from a different country while the departure and destination locations remain the same. The country can be changed on the ticket vendor’s website using a VPN to get extra discounts. Spending a few minutes looking for a big saving is well worth your time.

6. Automatically Encrypt Everything:

A VPN client on your PC or mobile really can encrypt the whole data you exchange with remote websites and servers to make them secure. All the online activity you conduct with a VPN server will be encrypted as a secure and private tunnel is created by the VPN server for you to exchange the data through it. In effect, a fully secured private tunnel is created for you to send your data through it. Public Wi-Fi can be made safe with hiding the browsing activityt from the eyes of government censors. Using VPN client app you can choose the server you wish to use, and connect to it and internet activity is routed via the virtual private network.

7. Private and Secure Voice Chat:

Nobody will want his/her online conversations to be overheard. Some chat apps have their own encryption built in such as WhatsApp but VOIP apps generally don’t provide you the encryption feature.
A VPN can deal with it, no matter what you are using Skype or Google Hangouts chat. Using a VPN will ensure that any online conversation is kept between you and other person you are chatting with.

8. Complete Sensitive Research Without Interference:

Many types of research can be sensitive so being careful about the research data is very essential. Any confidential information leak could lead a heavy dent on any business so keeping activity private will stop the hackers from catching on. With a VPN, you can protect yourself from being observed by others.

9. Using a VPN for Torrents:-

If you want to use torrent websites for downloading content and torrent websites are banned in your country then you can use VPN to choose a server from another country which allows the torrenting. So it can be helpful to use a VPN to access all those websites that are not allowed in your country.

10. Completely Private Collaboration:

Cloud drives and group chat tools can be the target of hackers, copyright thieves and even agencies can be engaged in industrial espionage. A VPN can be employed to encrypt the data communications and protect against these risks. In terms of collaboration, it is important to ensure that the other members of your team are also using a VPN!

why we should start using a VPN

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