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How to activate Reliance Jio eSim?:-

Hello friends, how are you? all good, in today’s post we are going to be born that How to Activate Reliance Jio eSim? People did not want to know about it before, but with time all things are changing, and today is the time in which the requirement of a Physical Sim Card is gradually being eliminated.

The SIM-based phone maker is now planning to remove all the incoming telecom companies from the phone, and is adopting the newest eSim technology. At this time there are only two companies in India who are supporting eSim, Reliance Jio and Airtel

Users of Reliance Jio are increasing day by day due to its breathtaking offers and over time new options, including Jio GigaFiber. And because of this, other telecom companies have bad news, and this is because of its new and improved technology and Affordable Recharge Plans.

Reliance Jio sim:-

Jio had made his debut very bullish, at the time when other telecom companies used to deliver 3G services and were preparing for 4G, Jio made the market with his VoLTE service.

If you want to know what eSim is and how it works before Reliance Jio’s eSim Activate in your eSim Supported Phone, then you can read it. So let’s know, that How to Activate Reliance Jio eSim?

How to Activate reliance JIO eSIM:-

If you have read eSim and how it works, then you have come to understand that eSim runs on any phone only or it is possible to walk in the Dedicated Hardware phone, in the case of India There are just a few phones that are supporting it, like the new phones of Iphone and Google Pixel.

In the recent update, the iPhone has got support from eSim, in which Apple got the support of Nano Sim and another eSim in the iPhone, now if you have any of these devices and you want Reliance Let’s take advantage of eSim’s support from Jio’s side.

Ways of Activating Reliance Jio eSim:-

Of these, if you have an IPhone and if you want to run E-SIM in your phone then follow the steps mentioned below. In the iPhone, eSim support is only for 10 countries, of which India is also one. So let’s know the first method.

First of all you have to go to Setting in your phone Setting to go to Cellular option. Here you have to go to your Cellular Setting Plan, here you will have to scan whatever QRCode has been given through Carries Provider (Network Provider). After this, you will have to activate your eSim by inserting the Confirmation Number from the Carrier Provider.

Second way of Reliance Jio eSim Activate:-

In this second way to activate eSim, you will need an App called Wireless Carrier App which is for iPhone only. Apart from Jio in India, Airtel also supports eSim, it works on both.

When you click on this link, then you will go to its site. Here you have to select India’s network operator which you want to use and then you will go to its site from which you can download its application. After that you will now have to visit the Digital Store near where you will have to take your Id Proof, however now you only work with Aadhar card but you must take it from your side. The you have been to verify the document, will be Connection Provide your Jio eSim after Verification.

Conclusion –

With Jio, Airtel also supports eSim for its users, with the help of which you can use any of these two networks. To activate Jio’s eSim, you can use any of the methods mentioned above.

But if you visit the Direct Digital Store, you will be able to do your job easily without much difficulty. The only advantage of eSim is that it does not require you to have a physical SIM card, but the benefits of it are some of the losses. Please tell through the comment what you have to say about it.

I hope friends would have liked this information, and you may have understood that how to Activate Reliance Jio eSim?

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