Android Virus – 7 very big enemies of the Android  Phone.

If you don’t know what to do to save yourself from the evil eye of everybondy then once you put black hinges and then blow it with red chilies. What if your life is very too dear & expensive for Android mobile phones? Either you should put screen guard & cover to protect the phone. Insert password & antivirus for the security inside the mobile phone, but there are some enemies who make their home in your phone. We know these enemies in name of viruses.

Just like you have friends for your Mobile Phones, so the virus is the enemy of the phone itself. Like the friends you bring in your own Mobile Phone, but viruses are hidden like thieves. Very few of the people know the names of these evil viruses. Today  will tell you the names of the 7 dangerous evils hiding in your mobile phone: –

Android Virus – 7 very big enemies of the Android Phone.

1. Stagefright:

In 2014 end, this virus created a fear among all the mobile users. Let’s tell you this virus can hack 100 million’s mobile. This virus comes in your phone via SMS. A video get sent in it and as long as you see that, your phone information is hacked. The name of ‘StageFrite’ is to steal data from the mobile phone.


Now let us talk to you about other dangerous virus Dendroid. You can also call it Danger Dry. The Trojan family virus completely controls your phone. After going into the phone itself, it changes all of the commands on its own. Once it get installed on the phone, hackers can remotely control it. It would delete your phone call log, open webpage and dial any number. It would upload the image and video on a site itself.


This virus of Android phone stand like a detective on your phone. Steals sensitive data available in mobile phone and sends it to another server. Not only this, that viruses also works to increase your phone bill. This stolen keeps sends hidden premium rate messages to your mobile phone. It is so so much powerful that it also blocks the data congestion monitor set by a operator, so that no one can keep an eye on it. Keep that in mind always, the basebridge viruses comes mainly from downloading apps from third party app stores.

4. Battery D-A:

This virus is also get available on the App Store through the app. It is also called a battery doctor. It is reported by the SOPHOS antivirus that this virus claims to save the battery, but steals your information on HTPs and sends a lot of Edward to the phone.

5. Gifak:

Like the basebridge, this virus will also acts as a messaging card from your mobile phone at premium rate. This virus comes in a mobile phone via the ThardParty app. The Trend Micro claims that these viruses of Trojan Family gets embedded into an SMS in your phone and acts as a key to theft of data.

6. Coller:

This virus not only steals your mobile phone’s data but also defames you by this. Yes, this virus scares you by sending a featured adult theme to your mobile phone. This virus belongs to the Trojan family. Along with your adulted theme, your phone’s data will also not secure. This redirects to another site in your phone. That means if you open this application, then a website will open itself. Once it get installed on device, then it leaves you harmlessly. You can not uninstall it easily.

7. Boxer:

This virus of Android is also the very big enemy of your phone. This virus is also known to send messages on specially hidden- premium rates. In this Mobile Phone, this virus is hidden like a flash.

Android Virus – 7 very big enemies of the Android Phone


Android Virus – 7 very big enemies of the Android Phone.