How to Extend Android Smartphone RAM

Extend Android Smart Phone RAM – Latest Trick

Hello friends, as you know that due to low RAM in the Android Phone, your performance gets very bad and we can not run more applications and games in our Android Phone due to low RAM, some people still like old mobile The phone uses the old operating system like cupcake, donut, GingeBread, HoneyComb, which is the old operation system, the processor and the RAM are of very low quality, so that the phone is very slow to work, so the phone’s full speed RAM Depending on your phone the RAM will be as much as your Phon e fast work will assume that you have a memory card of 4 GB, and 2 GB of space is free, you can use 2 GB memory card as a RAM. How to Extend Android Smartphone RAM

Android Phone’s RAM Increase Process

There are many ways to increase the Android smart phone’s RAM, but in today you are going to tell about a simple method that is done with the help of an application ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER (SWAP) is an application that is available for the memory card Partition creates your phone’s RAM space. By this method, it is very important to have your phone root to replace your Android phone’s RAM.

What to do in Android Phone’s RAM Increase

* One Rooted Android Phone
* Ek 4 GB memory card

Warning – If you have some important data in your memory card, copy it and copy it as soon as we create a swap file, memory card formate can also be done.

Follow the steps below to increase your Android Smart Phone’s RAM

* First you need to search Google in your rooted android phone by downloading ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER, application (by searching google) – (Download ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER) How to Extend Android Smartphone RAM

* Now restart your android phone
* At the top of the green line (SwpFile) you will see a (.) Dot on it, drag it to the right, as much as you want to remove the RAM.
* Now the same green line will show you this below, which Swappiness will see a dot on it, drag it into the full right side.

* Now click on active and wait for the swap file to be created.

* As soon as you click on the active button, the swap file will start creating the Swap file 100% After the creation, close the application and restart your android phone. Now your phone’s RAM has increased, be aware that the amount of RAM it will increase Settings can not be checked by going in because this method increases our phone’s virtual RAM and will not show in this setting but your phone will speed up.

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