Top 5 Twitter Tips and tricks (New Edition)

Top 5 Twitter Tips and tricks (New Edition)

Below there are the listing of our newly added top 5 favorite Twitter tips and tricks. These tips help make your Twitter experience more enjoyable and can help you with the increase your followers.

Some interesting tips –

  • Do not whine or complain. Most people unfollow anyone who constantly whines or complains.
  • Try to make your best & valuable tweets during the times people will most likely to watch them.
  • Keep some of the space available in your tweet in case somebody retweets your post.

Top 5 Twitter Tips and tricks (New Edition)

Top 5 Twitter Tips and tricks (New Edition)

#1 Know the lingo

a. Know the Twitter lingo, these are just a few examples: @reply, Direct Message (DM), follower, hashtag, retweet, trending topics, and tweet. See the Twitter description for a complete listing of Twitter’s t&c and related terms.

#2 Follow the masters

Following are the few and best of the masters of Twitter and Social Networking give you an understanding of how to tweet better, posts to RT, and can provide inspiration for your tweets. Below are the top five Twitters we recommend following.


#3.Create and use lists

Twitter lists are an excellent way or method of filtering filter through the people that you follow. To create the list, click your Twitter profile icon on the PC or the gear icon on your phone and then click on the Lists tab. Once in Lists, click Create the new list tab on a PC or the + icon on the phone. After creating a list, visit the Twitter page you want to add and on a Computer click the 3 dots for More user actions and the gear icon on the phone and then just click Add or remove from that list.

#4 Go Mobile

Apple iPhones, BlackBerry phones, Android phones, Windows phone 7 phones, and most of the other smartphones have Twitter applications. Take full advantage of these applications. For users who do not have mobile phones Twitter also has extensive support as SMS, which can send tweets over a text message.

#5 Advertise

(1) Mention your Twitter page as many places as you can (e.g., your business card, e-mail signatures, web page, blog, and on Facebook).

(2) Create a tweet button or at least your Twitter name on your pages, similar to the examples below.

Apart from this, if there is any problem in the intermediary, do not hesitate to ask in the Comment Section also. We will be happy to assist you.


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