Transfer Files From Computer to Phone

How to Transfer Files From Computer to Phone

Friends: In today you are going to tell people about this kind of trick through this post. Through which you can transfer any file from your computer to your phone in a simple way. Transfer Files From Computer to Phone

As you know. By the way, you transfer files to a Bluetooth or SD card. But in today I am going to tell you about File Transfer through Portal by Pushbullet Simple wi-fi file transfer. This is such a file transfer. Which allows any file from the computer to be easily sent to the Android Phone, iPhone. Portal by push-bullet For easy wi-fi file transfer, we need connectivity of wi-fi. Because this will keep your mobile data safe. And you will be able to transfer very easily with the help of a large large file portal.

Transfer Files From Computer to Phone

One of the coolest thing in the portal App is that in this type of files you send from your computer. He lets them save in different folders of their Portal name in different right places. And it automatically creates its name in the folder phone memory or memory card. So you will be able to see the files. You can also see its photos in Gallery and in video-video player and direct in musics-music player.

So let us know how does this Portal Pushbullet Wi-Fi Files Transfer work?

Step 1– So first of all we need to type on the Portal pushbullet’s website and click on the Enter button. You will now access the portal Pushbullet’s site. Now you will see a Qr code there.

Step 2 – Now you can install it by downloading the Portal Wi-Fi File Transfer app in your phone play store. When this app is installed, you open it. Now a new page will open. In which you will see a [SCAN] button on the screen. Click on it.

Step 3 – Now your Wi-Fi QR Code Scanner will open. Now scan your Phone QR Code Scanner on the Qr code you see on Computer and scan it. Now he will scan this Qr Code. Your computer is now ready to transfer the file.

Step 4 – Now you will have New Page Open in your Computer. Now you can open any file from your computer on this page and leave it on this page. Because by this you can drag & drop any file on your computer. Because this is white Aria Drag & Drop.

The way you select data from your computer from one folder and drag it to another folder. So that data gets copied to that folder. In the same way, you drag and drop the Data files selected from the computer to your Portal Pushbullet wi-fi on the drag and drop screen. So he transfers this data into the phone.

Step 5 – Or you can click on the click here to upload button. Now a new page will open. In which you will open all the files in the computer. Now you can select any file on your computer and click on [open].

Step 6– Now your selected files will be transferred to your phone. Which you can see on the screen of your phone. And if you want, you can see or hear these files open there.

Transfer Files From Computer to Phone

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