How to earn money with M-ceNT browser?

What is mCent Browser and how do I use it?

mCent Browser is an Android application that gives you free recharge for browsing your favorite websites. Using mCent Browser the same way you would any other browser, only mCent Browser will give you points for browsing daily that you can recharge at your convenience.

How to earn money with M-ceNT browser?

How do I earn recharge?

You can use mCent Browser as another browser. View your favorite websites, stream videos, and download files and more!! As you browse, you will earn points. Everyday, you will be allotted a certain number of points or tasks that you can earn. After you use the app, your points will be automatically  added to your m-Cent balance as recharge.

How is mCent Browser different than other?

mCent Browser is now inactive sister app, mCent, are both recharge applications. Where  mCent gave you recharge for downloading and using cool and exciting applications, mCent Browser gives you recharge as you view websites.the same way you would use any other browsers.

How does the application mCent earn money?

First Download the Mcent Application. This will open a new window in the browser and then it will redirect you to the Playstore then install the application. After the successful installation, Run the application, Then Signup or Register app.Now after that simply complete any offer and it might take little time to update your Balance. Once you reach minimum of 10Rupee Balance. Then you can simply recharge to your Registered Mobile Number. The best part of earning money using Mcent application is by referring your friends. You will get Rs 50 for every friend you refer who installs this Mcent application and Complete any offer.

So this is the playstore description for mCent

mCent is a great way to discover free Android applications and get rewarded with free airtime, right on your mobile phones.

It   might be  look   like   they   are  giving   out    free    airtime    but this is the most probably how it works.

There is a concept called CPI CostPerIncome  in the advertising industry. What happens in this type of model is as follows Say there are two apps A (say mCent) & B (Olx/flipkart etc) . 
since mcent app is one of the biggest online free recharge application and mCent app earn its money by affiliation marketing, by showing google adsense ads on its application, and it also have partenship with flipkart and amazon etc. Companies will pay per download.

Tips For The Better Experience:

The points are calculated according to the website  you visit. You may get 10 to 40 points for every unique websites you visit.

According to the application, you will be allocated a maximum amount of points you can earn. You  need to keep browsing to earn points. However the browser may display ads during your browsing session.Once you got some points, you can transfer it to the M,cent balance , from there you can redeem to get data recharges etc .

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How to earn money with M-ceNT browser?

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