Port Mobile Number in Other Network in India

How to Port Mobile Number in Other Network?

Port Mobile Number in Other Network in India

Hello Friends, How to port your mobile number from one network to another network, or you can say how to go to another network company, keeping the number number i.e., your company also get changed but you do not have to change your mobile number too.

If you want to do the same then it is easy and you will be able to do it very easily.

There can be many reasons to move from one telecom company into another telecom company.

Your current telecom company’s network is not right. Your telecom company is giving you expensive offers. Your current telecom company is able to deduct your balance and many more.

Well there can be any reason, when you are not happy with your current telecom company, and you want to keep your number in the other telecom company. This is the reason you are readingthis post.

MNP (Mobile Number Portability)

This service is called as Mobile MNP (Mobile Number Portability), which  was implemented by TRAI to make your work simple

So, I am giving you the information by which you can port your mobile number to another telecom company easily … follow the steps given below for that.

How to port mobile numbers from one network to another

Port Mobile Number in Other Network in India

Step 1: Send the number of mobile numbers you want to port, then PORT at 1900 and then type your mobile number. Example: ‘PORT 98xxxxxxxx’ send to 1900.

Step 2: When you send this message successfully, you will receive a sms that will contain a code called UPC which means Unique Porting Code. Which you have to give to the company you want to go to in the new telecommunication company. This means that when you go to that new SIM shop you will be asked for this UPC code.

Port your mobile number

You should know that its validity is only 15 days and when you give the code and the necessary documents (driving license, passport, Aadhar card, voter ID, or PAN card) to the new company, within seven days you will get the new company port work done.

You will be provided a new SIM of the new company but your SIM number will be old.

Unless your new SIM gets turned on, you can keep your old SIM in your mobile and it will continue to work properly and on the day that sim stop work, put your new SIM on that day. And this will be your new SIM now with your old  number.

There are some terms and conditions to How to Port The mobile Number

* Your SIM should be 90 days old.

* You have not keep any loan in the old SIM. If you are a post-paid customer, please make sure that you have paid all outstanding dues according to your final bill.

* You can port mob number in your own circle.

* Please note that if you are a prepaid customer, please note that The time remaining of the talktime, if any, will be finished at the time of porting.

So, In this way you can easily go to another company or ports keeping your old mobile number.

Port Mobile Number in Other Network in India

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Port Mobile Number in Other Network in India

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