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What to buy Induction stove or Gas stoves?

In this modernized world Induction Stove finds a place at top in household appliances. Induction stove is nothing but heating of materials using electricity. Due to this feature we can achieve high temperature in short period. Using induction stove we can heat all most all vessels. All we need do is place it over the metal plates which serve as heating source. What to buy Induction stove or Gas stoves?

Gas stoves

Gas stoves are more traditional and they don’t need any specific introduction. However technology has played some role in them too. In case of safety features they are also improvised in weaker areas. What to buy Induction stove or Gas stoves?

Induction stoves

For nearly all models of induction cook tops, a cooking vessel must be of, or contain, a ferrous metal such as iron cast or some stainless steel. The iron pot concentrates the current to produce heat in the metal. If metal is too thin, or does not provide enough resistance to current flow, heating will not be effective. Most induction tops will not heat copper or aluminum vessels because the magnetic field cannot produce a concentrated current; “all metal” induction tops use much higher frequencies to overcome that effect. What to buy Induction stove or Gas stoves?

It is quiet efficient compared to other gas stoves. We can save more fuel if we use induction stove as replacement for gas stoves. We have some more pointers for you to decide between both.

Comparison between induction stoves and gas stoves

  • Now a day these Induction cookers are certified and meet minimum standard requirements assuring the safety of consumers. They consist of glass ceramic tops which can be damaged but if used with caution can serve for long period. Compared to the Gas stoves Induction stoves are more resilient and high end safety.
  • If you are in a room where gas stove is being used then without ventilation the room temperature will be sky rocketed. In case of Induction stoves, we wouldn’t say ventilation is not required but it can be managed even without ventilation. Induction stoves are provided with coolers which act immediately after the usage of stove preventing overheating.
  • Induction stoves will cook only the cookware and not the whole surface. With this technology we can achieve almost 70% efficient compared to gas stoves.
  • Gas stove or induction which is fastest? The answer is simple Induction wins the race because of the technology. For example it can heat the water faster than the gas stove.
  • Now coming to safety, If you are taking the vessel from gas stove the burners will be hot. In case of induction stoves in seconds the plate nullifies the heat and it will be just warm.
  • Similar to gas stoves, Induction stoves are also coming with more than two heaters.
  • Induction cook tops are way too costly compared to the traditional gas stoves.
  • Power can be an issue. If you are using this stove in power fluctuated areas then it could cause short circuit. In other case, gas stoves don’t need any power all you need is fuel to work.
  • Finally, induction stoves consume more power. If you have more concern about power then it will be an issue
  • In case of cost it’s an tie as both consume same amount of cost

Now you know the pros and cons of induction stoves so based on your preference chose whether to buy gas stove or induction

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