5 Cool ways in which to Use OTG cable on android device:-

Friends, Today in this post we will learn about 5 Cool ways in which to Use OTG cable on android device. So let’s start.

1. Connect Flash Drives and External laborious Drives:

Unsurprisingly, memory device is at the highest of this list. simply plug a drive in and you’ll be able to go. you’ll then transfer every kind of files.
Flash drives ar the best to connect; external laborious drives might or might not work. transportable laborious drives that draw power from the phone won’t invariably work, however external drives with their own power supply ought to work simply fine.

2. Play With computer game Controllers:

Android Pie & newer natively support the Xbox One controller. however the older Xbox 360 controller conjointly works with golem devices via USB OTG. It’s as easy as plug-and-play to begin diversion with a controller. Of course, you wish to play games that compatible with a controller.
If you’ve got stock-still your golem device, you’ll conjointly connect PlayStation controllers. With this, you’ll connect a PS2 controller and switch your golem device into a retro diversion hub!

3. management golem With Keyboard and Mouse:

Android’s open nature makes it simple to attach almost something. If you would like to use your pill as a laptop computer, a keyboard and mouse is integral to the expertise. You’ll be happy to understand that golem works well with most wireless and wired keyboards and mice.
We suggest obtaining a wireless keyboard and mouse set with a unified receiver, since you simply have one accessible USB association. I haven’t seen a purposeful USB hub operating over USB OTG.
You should get a customary plug-and-play wireless set that’s compatible with all platforms. However, certify you don’t get one thing that needs attendant software package, like some Logitech devices that need the SetPoint software package.
As noted in our elaborate guide to connecting a USB keyboard to golem devices, the OS defaults to QWERTY. You’ll want a special keyboard app for alternative layouts, like Colemak or Dvorak.

4. Print Directly From a Printer:

Much like keyboards, printers with a customary plug-and-play USB work well with golem devices. These allow you to begin printing while not requiring a wireless association or having to transfer something to a computer 1st.
Android hasn’t supported USB Mass Storage mode for a few time. Thus, if you would like to print photos and documents, you’ll got to use the PTP or MTP modes for your USB association.

5. management Your DSLR Camera:

Photographers can love this one. you’ll wire your golem device up to your DSLR camera and switch it into a large live screen, complete with the power to capture, focus, management shutter speed, and far a lot of. It’s one amongst the foremost inventive uses of associate golem pill.

5 Cool ways in which to Use OTG cable on android device

You will want the DSLR Controller app, and ideally a Canon camera. It works with some Nikon & Sony cameras, however they aren’t formally supported. It’s a hefty $8 for the app, however quite helpful for gung ho DSLR house owners.


5 Cool ways in which to Use OTG cable on android device