Top Tricks On How to Use Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Cleaners become a great deal when we want to clean our House. But are they useful only to clean Houses, carpets etc?. The answer is “NO”. Other than cleaning Vacuum Cleaner do other stuff too. Here are some interesting Facts about Vacuum Cleaner.Top Tricks On How to Use Vacuum Cleaner

Top Tricks in using Vacuum Cleaner:

Add a Fragrance to your Home:

If we can spread the whole house with aromatic smell then it would be quite a pleasant right. For this, all you need to do is soak the cotton ball with your favorite deodorant or perfume. Now drop the cotton ball in the Vacuum. When you use the Vacuum the scent will be released in the air. This will freshen up the air. Interesting right…

Vacuum can save us from fleas:

Researchers have proved that Vacuum Cleaner can kill about 95% of adult fleas and 100% of larvae and pupa stages. Those who are stuck with harsh chemicals can try this trick. It can save your cost and time. Most of the fleas remain in the Carpet and tightly woven fabrics. So Vacuuming it is enough to kill those culprits. Top Tricks On How to Use Vacuum Cleaner

Avoid Allergens completely:

Pollen and dust get settled when we open windowsill and screen doors. Some are allergic to this dust. Not to worry Vacuum can save you from this issue. All you need to do is Vacuum your window and screen doors from both outside and inside regularly. This will keep the allergens away.

Crumbs: Top Tricks On How to Use Vacuum Cleaner

Now most of us will love to have those crumbs. But they make our kitchen dirtier than others. As they settle down in grates under stoves or in the toaster. Most of Vacuum nowadays comes with an option of Crevice tool. This will help you to get rid of those pesky crumbs.

Carpet dents: Top Tricks On How to Use Vacuum Cleaner

By simple steps, we can clear those Carpet dents. Place ice cubes on the carpet dent. Leave the set up for sometime until it melts. The water will enter the fibers to return to their original shapes. By vacuuming over the wet carpet will help the carpet to retain its original position.

Baking soda and Vacuum:

We can’t put our pillows in the washing machine it will ruin our comfy pillows. But we have to clean them right. Combination of Baking soda and Vacuum will help you in cleaning. Sprinkle the Baking soda over the pillows and leave it for some time. Let us say for about 30 minutes. And then Vacuum it away. That’s it we will get back                                                                              our cleaned comfy pillow.


In order to remove dust from our keyboards, we need to open it and then clean and fix. That will take more time and security issues also. We can clean it with vacuum’s crevice tool. Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and apply it all over the keys. Finish by wiping it with a dry, lint-free cloth to remove dust and polish the  keys. Top Tricks On How to Use Vacuum Cleaner

Now you must have found out that there are other purposes for vacuum, If you have different ideas on this topic then do please comment below

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