How to find and take down a hacker in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG ranks first in Top trending games. Also played by millions of players who are desperate to get the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. It also has Hackers who are also desperate to get the same. Now when we face a hacker in middle of the game and within a second we will be dead. Now that’s the irritating part. There are different types of hackers. Speed hacker who is 5 times faster than normal speed. He will be barely visible to us. We have come up with some simple tricks to save you from those hackers. But before proceeding we need to find the hackers that’s the difficult part.

Here we have some steps to find them How to find and take down a hacker in PUBG Mobile?

Identifying the hackers/cheaters: How to find and take down a hacker in PUBG Mobile?

Cheaters came in this game with their particular purpose like hacking for ranking in conqueror rank which is the highest rank in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, hacking or cheating for chicken dinner means winning a particular match. So that following are some ways to identifying and eliminating a hacker in PUBG.

    The best way to identify a hacker in PUBG always sees the killed which is on the left side of your mobile while playing PUBG. With the help of that killed, we know that which man is killing whom. Kill feed also helps you how many kills are done by one man if you recognize the particular name of that person.

    Another way to identify a hacker is, suppose you are in fight and you are on ground and there is one person which is in house near you and you don’t know about this someone is shooting without peeking at you and bullets came from walls that means that person is cheater who is using wall hack to kill you. How to find and take down a hacker in PUBG Mobile?

    Sometimes while you are in a fight you see that some or one person running very fast and killing very fast that person is also a hacker who uses speed hack to kill the opponent.

    Some hackers are also able to see us through grass, smoke grenade and they easily kill us.

    Some hackers use magic bullets hack with the help of magic bullets hacker is able to shoot us above 300 meters so that we have to know about hacking we have to know the hacker is using which type of hack to kill us.

    Check the gun type that hacker using listen to its fire rate either it is slow or fast if the fire rate is fast that means he I definitely a hacker and we have to report that hacker on report button which is on the right side of the mobile

    Some hackers use aim bot hack with the help of this hack they hack the aim while playing and it is activated when the game started so aim bot hack is generally not identified its hard to detect aim bot hacker

Eliminating a hacker or dealing with a hacker:

While eliminating or taking down a hacker we just need to know how hackers hack the game. A hacker is a game spoiler who spoil the game or destroy the natural gaming fun through hacks. While hacking Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds on mobile, hacker need a rooted device (mobile). But hacking also will work in the non-rooted device. Hacking is possible in some ways like hacking the PUBG server but it takes time to hack serer. Hacking through .lua script which is used in game guardian.

    We can permanently eliminate a hacker from the game through PUBGs anti-cheat reporting system. With the help of this system, we can take a screenshot or we can make screen recorder when we spectate a hacker and submit that screenshot and video to Tencent company. The company will take action about your complaint. How to find and take down a hacker in PUBG Mobile?

    Sometimes hackers use anti-cheat(bypassing the server) with the help of this hacker is undetectable by the server so that hacking work we have to take a video of that hacker while you are spectating a hacker

    Some hackers can see us through smoke because they use champs basically champs are nothing but hackers can see us with the help of champs it is basically in yellow color suppose if we crouch down and a hacker near us can see us because that yellow color is visible on our body How to find and take down a hacker in PUBG Mobile?

    Hacker  or cheater is a noob player in the game he is not able to kill us without hacking. We can also eliminate a hacker with the help of frag grenade. All we need to know the current position of the hacker. And we have to cook the grenade throw towards it

    Suppose a hacker is in the blue zone and we know that that man is a hacker and we are in a circle just wait for that guy come near us and take him down. While hackers in the blue zone are not able to see us because we are prone in the zone.



So these are the two main steps to take down a hacker in PUBG Mobile. PUBG is working on those issues to secure the game and make us free from hackers. But until then these steps will help you to either eliminate them or avoid them

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