How to Permanently Delete Photos in iOS 8

How to Permanently Delete Photos in iOS 8 Instantly (updated):-

Today this post is HOW TO PERMANENTLY DELETE PHOTOS IN IOS 8?. Apple phone is one the most sought phone in the world. People go crazy playing with its variety of features. One of the most famous features in iPhone is its camera. The iPhone camera has a unique feature called Recover deleted images. Which means image recovery is possible. If you want to delete a photo permanently, and not recover it back follow the technique stated below,

The photos are stored in your iPhone in three ways,

  • You can capture it from camera.
  • You can download it from safari, and
  • By synchronizing it with your computer.

Like your computer your iPhone also has a recycle bin or trash. The photos you delete are moved to this trash bin and then deleted permanently after 30 days.

But if you want to delete them permanently once and for all you have to follow the below steps.

How to Permanently Delete Photos in iOS 8

Step 1: Go to the photos app on the home screen and open it.

Step 2: Select the option album in the right bottom corner.

Step 3: In album you have a file called Recently deleted.  It contains all the recently deleted files in the past 30 days.

Step4:  In the top right corner you have an option called Select which is used to select one or multiple photos.

Step 5: After selecting the photos click Delete. You will get a confirmation message to confirm your action of deleting the above selected photos.

Step 6: Click Delete permanently. And that’s it! It’s deleted permanently. Also this cannot be retrieved in the future. Some use it to delete permanently for clearing space in the device.

When you use iCloud Photos and you delete a photo or video on one device, keep in mind that it’s also deleted on all other devices where you’re signed in with the same Apple ID.

How to Permanently Delete Photos in iOS 8


Before you sell or give away your device, you can create a backup of wanted photos and delete the rest by using the reset option in the settings.

Beware! Resetting your device will delete the settings, images, videos, calendar information, notes, contacts, and all the other applications you have installed except the default ones that came with the device.  Your phone will be restored to the original factory version when you bought it.


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