How can we earn through Instagram

In today’s world Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites where you can share pictures and images like facebook. Many people have a thought that can I make money through Instagram. So the answer is yes, definitely you can make money through Instagram. But some people don’t know the way to earn through Instagram. So here are some ways where you can earn a lot of money through Instagram. How can we earn through Instagram

Become an Influencer How can we earn through Instagram

Being an influencer is an advantage, where you can do many sponsored works. For that you have to do one thing, you should promote their brands in your posts. The influencer will have more followers, so by sharing the post, they can convince the people to buy their brands. First, the brands will tell the influencer to do sponsored posts and help to spread their products. They will ask you to share the number of pictures. For each picture, you will get some money. Top influencers will be paid more than 1 lakh for each post. Now you may think how the sponsors will give you work. You should have more followers and if you are doing any tasks with good content then automatically the big brands will reach you. But in case, they don’t reach, you should make a deal with them through messages. If you are doing well and worth for the content, then people also trust you and buy the brands.

Selling the products How can we earn through Instagram

You have seen much online shopping sites, this is one type of that shopping. Here you have to do is you should create an account for your products.By posting the pictures that you want to sell. You can start with low price and discounts to impress the audience. If the audience likes your product they will order things. So doing these types of selling make you earn more. You have to make sure that the audience doesn’t get disappointed by your products quality or price. How can we earn through Instagram

Selling your Pictures or Paintings

Like online shopping, you can sell your pictures and paintings. For that first, you have to prove your photographic skills. If you can draw paintings then post the picture of your photographs and paintings to attract the audience. If they liked your paintings, they will contact you to draw something or for photographs. Through this also you can earn. For that, you should have some photography and painting skills.

Use Instagram to improve your other incomes:

If you are having more followers on Instagram but fewer followers in your other sites like youtube, website. You can improve the income. For that, you have to post the contents in the Instagram and ask your followers to follow on other sites. Doing this, if they like your content then they will follow on your other sites. If your followers increase then your earning also increases.

Reviewing the food or products How can we earn through Instagram

Some sponsors will tell you to review their product or food. You should try the product and review after it. Make a video of your reviews and you have to post it on Instagram. If your review is good then the audience will also buy their products. For this, you get paid more than 10000 rupees for the reviews.

Organize contest

Do some contest for your followers and select some followers and give away something to your follower. So you have the chance here to earn some followers. So your popularity will increase then your earnings will also increase.

Get involved with your fans

If they ask you something you should give an answer to them. If they asked about the sponsored post or other related to the products you should say about things. That may increase your popularity. By making question and answer session with your fans or greeting them on their birthday will make trust in you. So, therefore, they can trust you enough to buy the products.

I hope this article helps you to know some ways about making money through Instagram. If you like these article then don’t forget to give your feedback on the comment. Share this way with your friends that they can also earn some money.

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