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Convert PDF files to Word or Excel, then these methods will come in handy.

PDF is a good format for publishing any electronic information together. But it is difficult when you have to change something in the PDF by opening it. Because nothing can be edited in PDF format. You will need a special software for this. If you want to edit something in PDF format, then we are giving you two options.

First Option: Adobe Acrobat

Open Adobe Acrobat. Then go to File & then click on Open. From here, open the file you want to edit. This will open your content in Acrobat.

Then click Edit PDF tool. This tip will show you in the right-side selection tool. You can move it to interactive mode, which will help you to select PDF content.

From here you can edit your text. Like spelling errors, other editing including recycling can do.

Note: Its standard version can be taken at the rate of $ 15 per month. There is another PDF viewer version, which is absolutely free. But you will not get much choice in it.

Second option: PDF Conversion

Under this option you can convert PDF to another format. Its easiest way is word processing application. Microsoft Word or Google Docs is used for this. Able2Extract Professional 11 is a PDF converter. This helps convert PDF files into CSV, Word, PowerPoint, AutoCAD and Excel formats. Apart from this, once editing, it can be converted to PDF again.

However, if you are thinking about converting PDF files, then Adobe Acrobat is a better option for you. Adobe lets users convert PDFs into Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Convert PDF files to Word or Excel, then these methods will come in handy.

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