How to save a phone fell in water

How to save a phone fell in water:-

Hi guys! I know why you guys are reading this article. It’s because you dropped your phone in water.  Don’t panic. We can retrieve it.  Let’s see how to save your phone. How to save a phone fell in water

If your phone falls into water, first step is to remove it from water immediately and then switch it off. Don’t try snooping inside, as it can cause system failure or data loss. After switching it off remove the SIM card, memory card and other removable parts. If it is a sealed one where the only ways to open it is going through the screen, then please refrain from doing so. These sealed packages prevent most of the water from entering. Also breaking the seal will null your warranty.

Shake you phone gently to remove excess water. Remember gently not forcefully. Then wipe it with a lint free towel. How to save a phone fell in water

After removing the parts, you can remove from your phone, take a Ziploc bag and fill it with rice.  Rice is an excellent absorber of water. You can also use the silica jels. If you don’t know what they are, they are the small packets that come with the laptops, or shoe boxes, bags and other electronic items.

So back to the topic in hand,

Place the phone parts inside the bag and seal it and keep it in a warm place. Do not open it for forty eight hours. Then after 48 hrs open it and reassemble the parts and switch it on. Your phone is finally ready. If the phone doesn’t turn on, it might be due to low battery. Try charging it. If it doesn’t work even after that, then get it to a service centre. Your battery might be dead and might need to replace it .

Also iPhone users please tell the service centre people that it fell into water. Because any other lie won’t work since it has internal liquid detectors. After the phone is ON keep a close eye on it for the next three days. Check the audio and video quality by playing a video. Keep a lookout for battery life and screen distortion. How to save a phone fell in water

Also check for the touchpad features. In the future if you want to prevent these accidents buy a water proof case for your phones. You have some good choices in Otter Box, Griffin etc…Also please do not drop your phone in water because it’s water proof. This applies only under certain conditions like, water clarity, time it is in water, depth of water etc…


Do not put it phone in a dryer. Even if you have covered it in socks.

Don’t place it in any direct flame or hot pan hoping that heat will evaporate the water. The circuit will also be evaporated along with it

Do not put the wet phone in freezer or any cool place. Keep it in a warm place.  Keep in mind it’s warm not hot.

And do not use a blow dryer because it can send water into the internal parts of the phone.

And do not plug it in before 48 hours, you might burn the circuit.

If you have an old model phone remove the battery immediately.

Do not blow into it phone. It also sends water inside.

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