As technology keeps rising in all aspects now it came inside our kitchen. Let’s see some trending and useful gadgets for our kitchen.The gadgets which we gonna see doesn’t cost too much and it comes handy and easier to use.


Electronic egg boiler:

When it comes to boiling the egg it will cost more usage of gas and this electronic boiler helps to save the fuel.

The boiler comes in more shapes, it can hold up to 7 or 8 eggs. Eggs can be boiled within 10 minutes, it also has options including soft, medium and hard boiled. Has an egg shelf where another shelf can be added for boiling more eggs. It is detachable for cleaning purpose. The steamer has a thermostat which switches off automatically once the eggs are cooked and comes with a measuring cup for adding water according to our need.

Comes at various colors price starts from  Rs.399 to Rs.1500. Brands like Sopernex and Russel hobs are a better choice. I can surely say that this gadget will be a compulsory need in your kitchen.


Corn, when it comes for the separation of the corn it may take an eternal year.  Just kidding,this corn stripper saves our time and it’s quite fun to use this. Strong handles and reinforced bottoms with stainless blade. It is a classic kitchen tool easier and safer to use. Many types of corn strippers are available in the online market. Brands like oxo, chef’n are best in these products. It works on all size of corns. Prices are cheaper than you think. They are available at Rs.245 to Rs.800.

Bet you will buy this for your corn salad…



The kettle saves our time, usage of fuel and automatically it saves our money. Many famous brands produce this electronic kettle. Brands such as Philips, Butterfly holds the top in this. The kettle automatically switches off once it is heated. Available in 0.5 liters to 2 liters. It is completely stainless. The price ranges from Rs.599 to Rs.2999 depending on the brand and additional features.

Imagine how easy it would be to make your noodles in just two minutes using this kettle.


The portable blender holds the special place in our gadget list. Blenders are now replacing the mixers and juicers we use in our home. The blenders are effortless and time -saving, one key operation,rechargeable power supply and very convenient to use. 3.7-watt motor provides all the power you need for fast and reliable performance.

This multipurpose blender comes in various capacity. After charging, we can use 10-12 times.. In the case of safety, it has an electromagnetic induction safety switch automatically switches off when the blender is opened while using. The price ranges from Rs.699 to RS.2999. Top brands for this purpose are E value mart and Wonder chef.  Buy quicker and go for the smoothies and milkshakes…  Also comes with a recipe.Hope you guys like it.


Air frier

The Air frier, you could have guessed from the name. Yes, it fries our food with the help of air. Feels good right?. We can eat whatever we want with this special one. Just imagine eating french fries as much as you want without any oil. The only concern is about the price, it starts from RS.4500 to Rs.7000. Sounds costly right. Would you bargain for your health, just don’t and buy it for your kitchen. Rapid air technology which bakes, fries, steam, and grill. Heats up to 200 degrees save our time, isn’t it? Easy to wash and handle. Brands such as Havells, Philips,.. will with worth your money. Comes with a recipe book. Try each one every day.

Note: These Gadgets are sorted based on popularity and usage of the products.

If you have any interesting gadgets in your mind that will help in our Kitchen then mention it below so that we can update it.

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