Computer keyboard shortcut keys

Computer keyboard shortcut keys with latest Updates:-

Computer keyboard shortcut keys:-

We have collected a list of some of the most commonly used basic shortcut keys that work with almost all IBM compatible computer and software programs. We recommend that all users have a good context for them and try to remember them. Doing this will dramatically increase your productivity.

Shortcut Keys             Description

Alt+F                         File menu options in the current program.

Alt+E                      Edit options in current program

Alt+Tab                 Switch between open programs

F1                         Universal Help in almost every Windows program.

F2                        Rename a selected file

F5                        Refresh the current program window

Ctrl+N                Create a new, blank.. document in some.. software programs

Ctrl+O               Open a file in current.. software program

Ctrl+A               Select all text.

Ctrl+B               Change selected text to be Bold

Ctrl+I                Change selected text to be in Italics

Ctrl+U              Change selected text to be Underlined

Ctrl+F              Open find window for current document or window.

Ctrl+S                Save current document file.

Ctrl+X                Cut selected item.

Shift+Del          Cut selected item.

Ctrl+C              Copy selected item.

Ctrl+Ins           Copy selected item

Ctrl+V               Paste

Shift+Ins          Paste

Ctrl+Y               Redo the last action

Ctrl+Z              Undo last action

Ctrl+K              Insert hyperlink for selected text

Ctrl+P               Print the current page or

Home                Goes to beginning of
current line.

Ctrl+Home         Goes to beginning of the

End                    Goes to end of current line.

Ctrl+End             Goes to end of the.. document.

Shift+Home      Highlights from current position to the beginning of a line.

Shift+End          Highlights from current position to end of a line.

Ctrl+Left arrow                 Moves one word to the left at a time.

Ctrl+Right arrow                  Moves one word to the right at a time.

Ctrl+Esc           Opens the START menu

Ctrl+Shift+ Esc                   Opens Windows Task Manager

Alt+F4           Close the currently active program

Alt+Enter        Open the Properties for the selected item (file, folder, shortcut, etc.)

PC shortcut keys for Special Characters:-

Shortcut Keys         Special Character

Alt+0224                   à

Alt+0232                  è

Alt+0236                  ì

Alt+0242                  ò

Alt+0241                   ñ

Alt+0228                   ä

Alt+0246                   ö

Alt+0252                  ü

Alt+0248                  ø

Alt+0223                  ß

Alt+0198                 Æ

Alt+0231                  ç

Alt+0191                  ¿

Alt+0176                  n°  (degree symbol)

Alt+0177                  ±  (plus/minus symbol)

Alt+0153                  ™

Alt+0169                  ©

Alt+0174                  ®

Alt+0128                  €  (Euro currency)

Alt+0162                 ¢  (Cent symbol)

Alt+0163                 £  (British Pound

Alt+0165                 ¥  (Japanese Yen currency)

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