Top Apps for Rooted Android Phone

Top 4 Apps for Rooted Android Phone

Today I will talk about Top 4 Android Apps, which are very useful for your Smart Phone. Suppose you do your Android Phone Root, but you do not know what apps we should install after Android Phone Root, I will tell you about those apps in this post. Top Apps for Rooted Android Phone

What happens if Phone Root is done?

Root is such a process that we can fully customize our Smart Phone. After phone Root, Full Control is in our hands.

Top 4 apps should be used in Android Smart Phone.

  • Dip Changer
  • Greenify
  • WiFi Kill
  • Link2sd

Rooting is such an action, so that we can change anything in our phone’s System Files and make changes to the phone. As with the Fast Reboot Application, we can reboot the phone very soon. File Explorer can browse all the files from Smart Phone. Display the Size Change can do a lot more Changes there.

Top Apps for Rooted Android Phone

Top 4 Apps for Rooted Android Phone


#1 . Dpi Changer

If your Smartphone’s Screen Size is small, you can use this application. As we know that, the Screen Resolution can change on the Computer. In that same way, with the help of this application, we can increase the screen size of the mobile phone. Which will look like your phone tablet. Download Dpi Charger App from the Play Store.


#2. Greenify

The Greenify App increases your phone’s Battery Backup. The Greenify App saves your phone’s Battery. And the Battery Backup of the phone increases. This app runs in both Rooted & Unrooted phones. You can also download this application from Play Store.

Top Apps for Rooted Android Phone

#3 . WiFi Kill

You will also have a daily problem that ‘Slow Internet, you can use WiFi. Many peoples like your friends will also be using WiFi. This will be the speed of Internet Speed. With WiFi Kill App you can speed up the internet. And those who are using the same WiFi thing that you are using can also do their Connection Kill. Always Keep in mind, when you are using this app it is important to connect to your phone WiFi. And it’s important to have your Phone Root. You can download this app from Play Store.


#4 . Link2sd

Link2sd This App is very very very famous for Android Phone. With the help of this application you can move to Installed Apps SD Card. That means that the Internet Store is very less in your phone. So this will be very very useful for you, with the help of this app you can move all the applications in the SD Card.

There is another + Point of this application, that is, you can reboot your phone fast. To install the Link2sd Application, it must be Phone Root. You can download this Link2sd from the Google Play Store.

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Top Apps for Rooted Android Phone

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