Top Tricks and Tips for DSLR that other SLR can’t do
SLR is a camera with single lens and reflection mirror and DSLR is digital SLR in which digital sensor is used to capture images. DSLR has more advantages than SLR. So here are some top tricks and tips for DSLR that other SLR can’t do.

Quality Top Tricks and Tips for DSLR that SLR Can’t Do

The quality of images will be more in DSLR camera. It decreases the digital noise in the picture. It is the best advantage of DSLR camera. The quality of images in SLR is also good but it has more noises.

Raw mode Top Tricks and Tips for DSLR that SLR Can’t 

Also, it can be shoot in raw mode. In raw mode, the camera captures all the details and gives more flexibility. So the post-processing will be easier than the SLR images.


DSLR camera will have more speed than an SLR camera. The overall speed depends upon all the factors which contribute to taking a picture. If you have to shoot a subject you must focus on the subject. DSLR will focus faster than the SLR camera. Also, this speed advantage will more in low light conditions. Also, the shutter speed is faster in DSLR.

Top Tricks and Tips for DSLR that SLR Can’t Do


The DSLR camera has more choices of lenses and flash options than SLR. It has interchangeable lenses, so we can change the lenses according to the situations. Yes, SLR camera also has lenses but the quality of the lenses is very poor.

Recording pictures

In SLR camera the pictures are recorded in the film whereas in DSLR camera the pictures are recorded in memory cards.


In SLR camera you can store a maximum of 36 pictures in the film whereas in DSLR camera you can store thousands of pictures. But in SLR we cannot record videos. In some DSLR there is a possibility of placing two memory cards. So we can store more images and videos.


In SLR camera you cannot see the picture after shot. It will take a lot of time to see the picture. But in DSLR camera you can preview after the pictures have been taken. If you don’t want the picture then you have the option to delete it. It is the best advantage of DSLR camera. But SLR camera cannot have this option. Top Tricks and Tips for DSLR that SLR Can’t 

Interchangeable lenses

In DSLR camera we have the option to change the lenses, for example, wide angle lenses for shooting in wide angle. But in SLR camera it is not possible.


DSLR camera offers a longer battery life than the SLR camera. So DSLR can withstand more time than the DSLR.

Lock buttons

In DSLR camera there are two lock buttons called AF and AE. By using them we can lock the exposure and the focus of the current wherever we need.

Weather sealing

DSLR can withstand dust, moisture, rain, and snow but SLR cannot have this advantage. DSLR uses a dust cover filter right behind the lens mount. But SLR cannot have this dust cover filter.

Low light performance

DSLR have the digital sensor. If we have to shoot in the night time the sensor will absorb the light and gives better images.

Video capture

In DSLR we can shoot videos at HD quality also it can be stored but in SLR we cannot shoot videos.


Both the DSLR and SLR have similar settings. But for beginners DSLR is best because you can preview the picture and if you have not satisfied with a picture you are allowed to take multiple pictures. But in SLR we cannot have these options because it has film.


In DSLR the images can be erased and can be reused for other pictures but in SLR the images can not be erased and the films cannot be reused.

The depth of field control

DSLR have a wide range from f/0.9 to f/5.6. This helps to extend the exposure range. But in SLR camera this option is not available.

3D photography

New DSLR devices have 3D photography. We can shoot the image in 3D mode. Also, it has the ability to shoot infrared and ultraviolet spectra of light. This is not possible in the case of the SLR camera.

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