The Best Mobile Browsers for 2018-19The Best Mobile Browsers for 2018-19

Mobile browsers make your internet surfing easier. It allows you to surf multiple websites at the same time. Therefore your mobile browser must be safer, secure and faster. It is arduous to choose the best, a safe and secure mobile browser for your Android. So here are some best mobile browsers of 2018-19 for you:

 Duck Duck Go The Best Mobile Browsers for 2018-19

It is a privacy mobile browser with full privacy and security-it is the biggest competitor of Google nowadays. Unlike Google, its search results aren’t loaded up with ads. It blocks all the hidden third-party trackers. If you want a browser with complete privacy then this is for you. This mobile browser doesn’t store your personal information and data. It has the privacy grade rating feature along with a fire button which allows you to clear all your data and tabs in one click. If you value your privacy then you must go for this.

 Brave mobile browser: Fastest ad blocker

This application is  faster, free and safer mobile browser. It has an inbuilt Ad block and tracking protection so you can browse without popups, malware, and other annoyances. If you are tired from ads and popups this mobile browser is for you. It blocks youtube videos too and reduces loading time and improves the performance of your battery.People who are looking for the fastest browser with private tabs should go for this.

 Mcent browser: Earn money The Best Mobile Browsers for 2018-19

How about earning money along surfing on your mobile browser? Yes, you can earn money, free talk time and data from your Mcent mobile browser. The more you browse the more you earn. It comes with one tap browsing so you can visit your favorite websites quickly. You can save pages for offline reading so you can read your favorite websites anywhere anytime. It has many more unique features like incognito browsing, night mode, smart downloading.

 Opera touch:  Red dot award winner

This application is the fast and red dot award-winning browser by Opera with the fast action button, ad blocker. It has the Opera’s crypto jacking protection which reduces the problem of overheating or running out of battery when you surf. You can easily connect your phone with pc, just start the browser and scan the QR code and transfer files, photos, videos in one click. The Best Mobile Browsers for 2018-19

 Armory browser and downloader

This mobile browser allows you to download videos from abundant websites, it automatically detects downloadable videos while you browse and allows you to download and save videos from almost every website. It has a private vault to secure all your private photos, videos, and files. You can translate a whole page in this mobile browser.

It warns the user when they browse potentially fraudulent and malicious websites, so you need not worry about your privacy.

 Turbo browser: lightweight browser

One of the top safe and lightweight mobile browser with many features like private browsing, data saving, multiple customizations and speedy downloading. It has a function of private browsing, all your actions are anonymous and intractable in incognito mode. It has the best feature of Max Data-saving and consumes less memory and power. The Best Mobile Browsers for 2018-19

 Dolphin Browser: fast, private and secure

It has the features like HTML5 video Player so you can get the best gaming and HD video experience in your Android. This mobile browser syncs your history, bookmarks, and passwords. It comes with many themes and wallpaper, quick share option and smart gesture, personalized search, and sonar. You can actually talk to this browser. The Best Mobile Browsers for 2018-19

 Kiwi browser: fast and quiet

In this mobile browser a user can easily browse the internet, read the news, watch videos and listen to music without any annoyances. It allows you to translate its content into 60 languages. We can chat us with our FB friends without installing FB application on the web. It has the features of import/ export bookmark, bottom address bar, and night mode.


So these are the best mobile browsers of 2018-19 with many features like complete privacy security, ad blocker, popup blocker. Let us know if you liked the article and share your feedback. Tell us about your favorite mobile browsers and its functions and features.

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