Top Tricks to Boost Windows 10 Performance (Updated)

Top Tricks to Boost Windows 10 Performance (Updated):-


Windows 10 is the most updated version of the Microsoft team. And they are going on working with their updates to resolve the existing issues. Besides this users have many queries that after windows 10 installation system slow down. But that’s not the reason for the system’s performance. There may be other reasons like low powerful hardware, number of bloat wares, etc. We have come with some tricks which might boost your system performance using windows 10.

Guide to increase your windows 10 system performance


Pc’s which are used in professional areas used to run overtime days and nights without any stoppage. This may cause to slow down the system performance. It is better to shut down your system or restart it. Make sure to save all your works and close any running programs before restarting or shutting down. If your system has slowed down to an extent that it can’t display windows menu, then press the power button until the system shuts down.

Top Tricks to Boost Windows 10 Performance

Windows Update:-

Microsoft team is continuously working on updates to fix the bugs which they have in previous versions. It is important to keep our systems up-to-date. Anyhow windows 10 come with the auto-update feature which is mandatory. If you have stopped the update then you must again enable it so that system runs without any lags. Your Pc may restart several times while updating. If you have not updated your system for a while then click “check for update” in Update and security. Make sure that there are no pending updates.

Startup apps:-

Pc will be lagged due to lots of running process. This is due to the apps which force our system to process as we log in, this will slow down our system speed. To stop this go to task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del). In task manager app you will see the startup tab. Click it, in that you will see the apps which are forcing our system to process as we log in. If you think that Is unnecessary then right click those apps and disable it.

Disk cleanup:-

Disk cleanup can be done to clear out temporary files such as image, thumbnails, downloaded program files and offline pages. This feature is available only in windows 10.  Search for “Disk Cleanup” in the windows menu search bar. Open it and you will be asked to select the check boxes next to options. And then select Clean up system files. This will clean up your system and also calculate the amount of space you have cleaned.

Top Tricks to Boost Windows 10 Performance

Unwanted software:-

Much unused software fills up space and reduces system performance. Most of this software is provided by the Pc vendors. Some are installed by us and later we never use it. It is better to uninstall this software. To uninstall this software Go to ‘Control Panel’>’Programs’>’Programs and Features’>’Uninstall a Program’ this will uninstall the redundant software which is slowing down our system performance

Special effects:-

These special effects are cool and awesome while we are using our system. But these features also slow down our system performance. Instead, we can use basic settings so that our Pc won’t lag. Search for a system in windows menu. In systems, select advanced settings tab and then select Performance setting. Here you can select either custom or Adjust of better performance. And then give apply this will increase the performance of your system.

Upgrade your RAM:-

Windows 10 needs high RAM allocation for a smooth running. You would need a minimum of 4 GB of RAM. If you are planning to use high-end games and applications then 4 GB won’t be enough. It is better you upgrade your RAM. Pc has many slots for RAM. If you are experienced in this field then you could upgrade your RAM by yourself or else go to the nearby service center where they could assist you.

SSD (Solid State Drives):-

SSD’s can boost your system speed and overall system responsiveness. They allow much faster time for writing data, files, than the traditional hard drives. SSD are costly too. If you are so much deliberate to increase your performance then you could buy these flash drives. Standard sizes for SSD are  (2.5” for portable devices and 3.5” for desktop machines).

Top Tricks to Boost Windows 10 Performance

Run System Maintenance:

This is another feature in Windows 10 which undergoes tasks such as defragmenting the hard drive, scanning for updates, malware. This is an automatic task as it runs at the background when the system is idle. We can also run this feature manually.

Control Panel>System and Security>Security and Maintenance. Here you will find the option “Start Maintenance”. By doing this you can find any issues that hindering the system performance

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