Basic tips for beginners on how to take pics like a pro

Photography is an art. Anyone can be a better photographer, if you worked hard for it. So here are some tips which will guide you through some useful tips about photography which will enhance your skills and helps you to take better images like professional photographers.

Composition Basic tips for beginners on how to take pics like a pro

The photographs should be nice and simple. For great pictures there should be less destruction in the background. Many photographers made a mistake by making the pictures so complex. Take the photograph in a simple way so that the people will understand about the story behind that picture by just looking at. In many photographs, the subject may be good but it does not hold the picture. It’s because of the background or the surrounding elements.


Lighting is fundamental in photography. If you are taking pictures in sunny day, don’t use artificial lights. Leave your flash and focus on ways to ensure your photos are naturally lit. But in dark space use your artificial lights according to the mood and need.

Planning and pre visualization

When you see the images taken by the photographers, you might think that they are lucky to get such amazing pictures. It may happen sometimes and you get better photographs. You have to do lot of plans and research before going to shoot.

Get the image right in camera

The original image that is taken by your camera has to be good. When you saw many pictures taken by the people it’s not because of editing. All ways try to capture colors and small details. So that you don’t have to do lot of editing.

Using of lenses

Many types of lenses are used for photography. For example if you have to take a wide picture of streets then you have to use wide angle lenses. Choosing of lenses depends on the situation and what type of image you are looking for. Make sure that you always to use correct lenses because once the picture had been taken its difficult to change the image.

Practice daily

“Practice makes a man perfect”. Shoot as much as you can. Spend lot of time behind your camera; it will make you a better photographer.

Hold your camera properly

There is a way to hold your camera properly. You have to take the camera in your left hand and you have to stick your elbow into the ribs. Put the straps around your neck, so it won’t fall. Right hand is used to control the camera. This helps to prevent camera shake.

Get closer to the subject

Be closer to the subject. Being apart from the subject will decrease the quality of the picture.

Observe other photographers

There are so many photographers are in social media. You can follow their photos and learn a lot just seeing the images. Look at the images and try to understand the mindset that the photographer had and what kind of the story the photographer wants to tell. Then you will understand about the photography a little more. It will develop you as a photographer and your pictures will get better day by day.

Be unique

Don’t copy other photographs. Getting inspired by other photographers is important to develop similar vision. Copying someone and being inspired by someone is different. Create your own signature style.

Don’t be pressurized

Sometimes the photographs will make you extremely disappointed.  But the thing is you have to be relaxed. You might not always get the image what you want. Its not a competition. You have to enjoy what you are doing. Basic tips for beginners on how to take pics like a pro

Post processing

Digital camera will take a really great and beautiful sharp picture. But the post processing of the picture plays huge role in photography. This will alter the picture artistically. In post processing you can change the filters, effects and many other processes.  Many software’s are used to edit pictures like a professional photograph.  Eg: light room Basic tips for beginners on how to take pics like a pro

These tips are easy to implement and they will go a very long way to making you feel like a pro, even if you are still a beginner. I hope this article helps you to know some tips about to take better images. If you like this article, then don’t forget to comment your feedback.

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