Top 5 Gmail Alternatives For You in 2018-2019:-

Gmail is doubtless the king of email services with over 900 million users accessing this service, as of might 2015. Given the quantity of Google services like Docs, Drive, Android, Hangouts, and lots of  far synced through your Gmail ID, it is smart that Gmail is only dominating the e-mail trade. Here are alternatives to Gmail may be a sensible factor to contemplate.

Top 5 Gmail Alternatives For You in 2018-2019


Chances are pretty high that if you’re supported Windows OS, you may have a minimum of used Microsoft’s Outlook Email shopper once. If you employ Windows as your primary OS, Outlook is one in all the simplest Email shoppers you’ll undoubtedly love once you get the gist of it. though it’s a shade overdid on the interface, Outlook is one in all the simplest Gmail alternatives you’ll ever realize for your Windows system.
This app integrates seamlessly with the interface of your Windows OS and it even allows you to synchronize your calendar, contacts, integrates with OneDrive, OneNote, OfficeOnline and far a lot of.

Key Features: Straightforward interface, the absence of targeted ads, seamlessly integrates with Skype, Microsoft workplace on-line, OneDrive, Calendar, People, creation of custom email, and more.


2. Yahoo! Mail:

Possibly the simplest factor regarding Yahoo! Mail is that the one TB of cupboard space that it offers with every Email account. That’s a vast cupboard space and Yahoo! is giving it for free of charge with each Yahoo! Mail account.
Syncing of your Calendar, Instant messages, Contacts, and tablet is pretty simple with Yahoo! Mail. This Email shopper conjointly supports customizing the appearance and feels of your portal. Multitasking is maybe the simplest options of Yahoo! Mail. Using tabs, like in an exceedingly applications programme, you’ll be able to shift between completely different Emails, drafts, compose, and a lot of windows right away. With the support of up to one hundred MB of file size for one attachment, Yahoo! Mail offers the simplest bargains in terms of cupboard space for Associate in Email shopper.

Key Features: Good pace, larger file attachment size, Personalization, Tabs for Multitasking, seamless integration with Contacts/Calendar/Flickr and a lot of.


3. iCloud Mail:

Apple’s iCloud is one in all the simplest items of package that ties up the whole network of services across all of the Apple devices. Among the options that Apple’s iCloud offers, with five GB of free cupboard space and a private file transfer limit of twenty MB, iCloud Mail is one in all the foremost appealing Email shoppers for Apple users. iCloud Mail makes syncing of Emails easy on your all apple gadgets.

Key Features: Seamlessly syncs across all Apple devices, Ad free, intuitive layout and a lot of.


4. Zoho Mail:

Zoho is one in all the foremost well-respected CRM or client Relationship Management tools. One in well-known services offered by Zoho is their Zoho Mail  With five GB of free space and ten GB of document storage ability, Zoho Mail is one in all the simplest Email. Zoho Mail seamlessly integrates with calendar, contacts, notes, tasks, docs, and links. An ad-free, powerful and tidy Email shopper is what if you’re trying to find, Zoho Mail is your best bet.

Key Features: Ad-free and straightforward interface, swish synchronize with notes, docs, calendar, links, excellent integration with Zoho CRM, support for business users and far a lot of.
Custom Email for Businesses: Plans begin from $0 (Complete Plans).


5. AOL Mail:

AOL Mail is another nice free Gmail variant that was wide standard once. AOL Mail provides its users with Unlimited Email Storage capability and with a most file attachment limit of twenty five MB. AOL Mail permits its users to integrate their alternative Email addresses into their network for a efficient access of your Emails. Some of its key options embrace an ideal integration with AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) for chats, Text electronic communication to Mobile phones, Folder categorization, Events, stir lists, Personalizations, and more.

Key Features: Chat on Instant traveller, Events, To-do’s, Text electronic communication, alternative of Email address domains, Spam and Virus manag.

Top 5 Gmail Alternatives For You in 2018-2019


Top 5 Gmail Alternatives For You in 2018-2019