10 Worst Apps that fasten drain your phone battery (Updated)
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After the arrival of smartphones, various types of apps launch every week in the market. Many of these apps are of great use Some apps make your everyday life easier, some come to work for your heart. But do you know that many of these apps are those that spend too much battery ? From shopping apps to gaming apps, from social media apps to weather and clock widgets. So let’s tell you about 10 Worst Apps that fast drain your phone battery:-

10 Worst Apps that fast drain your phone battery:-

10 Worst Apps that fasten drain your phone battery

#1 Candy Crush Saga:

Candy Crush Saga has no dearth in the world of amateurs It is one of the most popular games in the world. You will play this game yourself or you will often see someone using this app while traveling in a Metro train or bus. However, also know that using this app not only consumes more battery but also absorbs data too fast.

#2 Pet Rescue Saga:

Pet Rescue Saga is also a very popular gaming app like Candy Crush. Even after playing this game, your smartphone’s battery is expensively charged with data.

#3 Google Play Services:

 This app already exists in many different smartphones. However this app also consume too much battery power. So if you do not use this app then it would be better to send this app to your smartphone.

#4 Clash of Clans:

Clash of Clans is also a gaming app. This War Gaming App spends the battery very fast. In this way, even if you win the battle in this game, but your battery will hardly win the game from this game.

10 Worst Apps that fasten drain your phone battery

#5 Facebook: 

There is no such thing as a Facebook app in any smartphone in India. The app of this world’s most popular social networking site is also ahead of the case of battery consumption.

#6 OLX:

In the case of the purchase and sale of old goods, this app is rarely available, but it is also a reality that it also spends your battery too fast.

#7 WhatApp: 

You may have jerked the name of this app in this list, but this is true. It is also lacking in the world’s most popular chatting app that it is too much in terms of battery spending.

#8 Lookout Security & Antivirus:

 This is a mobile security app but in case of consume the battery, this app is quite ahead. It may help you keep your smartphone safe, but this app is an enemy of your battery in a way.

#9 Android weather & clock widget: 

You may not believe this widget in the list, but it’s true. The Android Weather and Clock Widget is also quite ahead of battery spending.

#10 Solitaire (Cards App): 

And finally comes the trunk of cards in your smartphone. Solitaire may help you to timeout, but it also spends your battery too fast.

10 Worst Apps that fasten drain your phone battery

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