Useful WhatsApp Tips and Tricks
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Useful WhatsApp Tips and Tricks:-

Whatsapp is the most used application throughout the world, maybe you will also use this application, but do you know about this application related tips and tricks? We will learn about some tips & tricks related to whatsapp that you should know about. With the help of Whatsapp Tips and Tricks, mentioned in this article, you can become a Pro Whatsapp user. Useful WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

There are many features in WhatsApp, but users cannot use them properly. We will know about some tricks related to some features of WhatsApp and some other applications, and yes you may already know about some of the What’sapp Tip Tips, but there are some tips and tricks. You probably will not know about JINK. Useful WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Useful WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

#1 Download WhatsApp Status

Many people upload WhatsApp status on WhatsApp every day but there is no option in downloading WhatsApp for anyone else’s Whatsapp application but if you want to download anyone’s Whatsapp status then follow the tips below –

First download the application –

Status Story Saver for Whatsapp Free

Price: Free

Once you see the status of what you want to download by downloading WhatsApp, open Status Story Saver for Whatsapp application and click on “Resorts Stories” option. Now select the picture or video you want to download & Click on the download icon.

This way you can very easily download anyone’s WhatsApp Status easily.


#2 Record WhatsApp Video Call

Want to record several user video calls at WhatsApp You can use the screen recording application to record whatsapp video call. In many smartphones, you will get to see the screen recording application already. If your smartphone does not have screen recording applications, then you can read it and download the best screen recording application called “5 Best Screen Recorder Apps For Android“. Whatsapp can record video calls.

Useful WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

#3 Custom Notification

Custom Notification feature is available on WhatsApp, but some people use this feature. Whitsap notifications always keep messages coming. Using this feature, you can set different notification sounds for each person. If you use this feature, then you can recognize what’s message without opening Whatsapp.

To use this feature, select any contact – Click on the profile – click the Custom Notification option & then select the sound accordingly.


#4 Auto Download

Many videos are shared on whatsapp, many times many people send the same video, in such a way, if the auto download option is on, then internet data is spent more. If you want to save mobile data, keep auto download off. To use this feature, select Settings for WhatsApp – Data and Storage Usage – when using mobile data option. Here you get the option of photos, videos, doc, etc. You can select here according to your own & click ok option.

Useful WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

#5 Group Video Call

Have you ever made a group video call? You can easily group video calls on WhatsApp and enjoy video calls with your friends or relatives. To make a video call on WhatsApp, you must 1st make a video call to a person, after which there is a choice of on the right side corner, click on it to add another contact to a video call. This way you can very easily group video You can call. At 1 time you can talk 4 people together.


#6 Use Multiple whatsapp in one phone

Many smartphones have the feature of using more than 1 WhatsApp application, but many smartphones do not have this feature. If this feature is not available in your phone, then no matter because you can easily use multiple WhatsApp on a phone with the help of parallel space applications.

Parallel Space – Multiple accounts & Two face

Price: Free+

#7 Hide Whatsapp Chats

In Whatsapp, we talk to a lot of people, some of which are things we do not want anyone else to see, as well as have to share the smartphones with many people. You can also hide your chat. Select the contact to hide any chats and click on the archive chat option next to three dot, the chat you selected will be highlighted.

Scroll through all the chats to unhide & an option will appear at the bottom, archive chat, here you will see the contacts that you have selected, select the contact which you want to sketch, & click on the archive chat option next to three dot.


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