Top ways to monetize our website in 2019
Started a website for money and not even receiving a single penny from it. There is more than 1000s of website which is been created for the same purpose. We have a high-end competition. Anyhow earning money from a website is not a harder task but not easy too. We have to do some homework to promote our website. Confused on how to generate income from the website? Well, there are many ways to generate income from the website.
Some of the interesting ways are been discussed below. Top ways to monetize our website in 2019

Affiliate marketing:

This is one of the recommended marketing to earn money. In this, we need to promote other’s brand or product. By doing this we will get paid. There are many websites offering this program. Some of the famous ones are Amazon affiliate program, Flipkart, eBay etc.

Pay per click:

Now this one is interesting as the name suggests for each click you will be paid. Interesting right! The best site for this purpose is world famous Google. Yes! Google Adsense provides allows us to specify the ads and target our audience. By doing this, we can display the ads of our own interest. If our traffic is high then we will get paid accordingly. Top ways to monetize our website in 2019

Sell banner space:

If you have a well-established website then this will work out. All you need is higher traffic to your website. And also you can place placeholder banners to invite other merchants to publish their ads

Selling own products:

Selling our own products will pay off more than we can even imagine. The only thing that concerns is how we present it. Even the most amazing products without proper promotion fail to perform. You need to know how to promote your product. By this, you can earn some real money without a sweat. Top ways to monetize our website in 2019

In-text ads:

Having trouble with clumsy banner ads? Then you can try with In-text ads. These sneaky ads can be placed between lines of the paragraph and you can easily get the ad viewed. And for this purpose the best company is contextual. With the help of this, the ads are automatically hyperlinked to the words.

Writing a product review:

Content writers with good and attractive style can earn through this. Writing reviews about others product in your website will pay off. But be sure your reviews are read by the consumers. Top ways to monetize our website in 2019

Host live contest or Promotional offers:

Now nothing will attract the customers better than an attractive offer or contest. It’s like give and take policies. You give a reward for their active participation in your website and in turn, they will increase your traffic.

As I mentioned earlier there are a lot of websites present in the market. Think of a unique idea before you plan to monetize or create a website. Becoming rich in overnight is only possible in movies. But with consistent hard work and determination everyone can achieve their goal.

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