Top tricks that will make your Fridge Usage Efficient

Fridge or Refrigerator is the most important appliance in our Kitchen. The hard part is maintenance; most of us fail in the maintenance of the fridge. By doing some simple steps we can make our Fridge more efficient in usage terms. We have come up with some amazing tricks and tips that will save your day.

Egg cartons:

We would find it hard to place all our condiments in the fridge at once. We would be planning to reduce our supplies. We would suggest you place an egg carton at one of your door shelves. And place the condiments in an inverse manner in the carton. Now you will have more space compared to the previous arrangement. And in addition, you don’t need to shake your ketchup bottle again it will be ready to use.


You would be wondering what you will be doing with magnets in your fridge. There are a lot of vessels in the market that comes with a magnet on its surface. So that you don’t need to use the shelves in the fridge and just attach and detach the vessels in the vertical space of the fridge. By doing this you will get more space to accommodate. Some already available vessels or container for this purpose are Magnetic cups, Magnetic containers,Magnetic cans, etc.


Our Fridge gets often messy because everyone uses it. And if we have children in our home then we would have another meaning for a mess. It will be a pain in cleaning the total mess. It is better if you add liners to the fridge to avoid all those sticky messes. These liners will work as a barrier to the fridge from greasy and sticky dirt. If you are not comfortable with liners then use glad press and seal wrap. If it gets icky then you could throw it out. Isn’t it Easier?

Usage of bins:

If you want the things perfectly organized in your fridge and easily accessible then you could use bins with labels. You could segregate the foods based on their source and label them. For initial arrangement, it will take time but once arranged it will save our time and energy.


Are you fan of Mason jars then here is the good news for you. Mason jars can keep foods fresher and longer and they also don’t stain.Hence Mason jars are far better than Tupperware.

Usage of Crystal light Containers can help you store vegetables and fresh fruits.

Bottle loft strips:

Thinking of occupying the upper surface in shelves then this Bottle loft strips will save your idea. These strips with strong magnets can be attached on the top surface of the shelves. We can securely suspend the bottles in these strips.

12 more tips on Fridge hacks

  • Place the food items in front which are needed first. 
  • You could list out the items available in your fridge using an Erasable marker or Chalk over the fridge.
  • Always give more priority to door shelves for important things.
  • Create a snack zone in one of the shelves so that kids won’t bother other shelves. They will fetch themselves.
  • Always check for humidity and temperature settings as any issue in that can lead to the growth of bacteria
  • Don’t overstock things on the same shelves as they can create warm and cool spots which could lead to spoilage.
  • Never mix fruits, vegetables, and meat or place in the same container as they will get contaminated. Always place the meat in the bottom shelves to prevent drips from contamination.
  • Don’t cut the food unless you are ready to consume. Already cut meat, fruit and veggies spoils faster than the others.
  • The Temperature in the doors will fluctuate so don’t place milk or things that will expire soon.
  • Before buying grocery check what is already in stock and list it out.
  • Always remove the expired items or leaking items from the fridge.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance of the fridge is a must.

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