Top 8 Reasons for Heating of Smartphones

Heating smartphones is a major issue, it can lead your battery to explode. Using so many apps at the same time or using a smartphone so much can be the result of overheating. Overheating can reduce the processing power of your smartphone. Continuous overheating of smartphone reduces battery quality and in the result, your smartphone doesn’t work properly and consumes so much battery. So it is so necessary to prevent your smartphone from heating and save it from battery explode. So here some easy and amazing tips to fix your smartphone heating issue. Top 8 Reasons for Heating of Smartphones

  1. Use original batteries only– never use a duplicate or different battery for your smartphone. Your smartphone will definitely heat if you do not use an original battery. So it is better to use an original battery instead of a duplicate battery which cause damage. If your original battery is damaged and not working properly, try to buy a battery of the same brand.
  2. Close all background apps- if there are so many apps running in the background it consumes so much battery. So many running background apps give load and damage your smartphone, so try to clean all the running apps in the background und and reduce the heating of your smartphone Top 8 Reasons for Heating of Smartphones
  3. Do not use the phone while charging– many people do this mistake knowingly or unknowingly, they use their phone continuously while charging. It is really not safe, try to avoid your phone while charging. It can be very dangerous.
  4. Installing many apps at the same time– this is the common mistake that we all do, we install so many apps at the same time and it put the load on RAM. So try not to download unnecessary apps and software. And if you have so many apps in your mobile then uninstall them. Top 8 Reasons for Heating of Smartphones
  5. Do not play heavy games– some people download and play so many heavy games. Playing heavy games reduces your battery performance and heats your phone. In the end, your battery performance becomes worst.
  6. Do not use any antivirus and RAM cleaning app– many people do this same mistake, they use many antiviruses, ram cleaners, and cache cleaners and think that it will boost battery performance. But in reality, this kind of apps slow down your smartphone’s performance. Your smartphone can automatically clean cache and junk so you need not to download any app separately.
  7. Try to free internal memory– having so many apps, videos, files in smartphone reduces its performance and heats your phone. Never download so many files in your phone. Always try to make your internal memory as free as possible. Restart your phone daily to improve its performances.
  8. Do not use mobile case or cover– yes mobile case or cover can also be the reason for a heating smartphone. Mobile covers or cases create heat and air not be passed. So try to avoid the use of mobile cover completely, and if you still need to use this then try a light cover or case and remove it while charging your phone.


So, friends, these were some tips to fix smartphone heating issue. Also, do not use your smartphone in sunlight it can be very dangerous. If you liked the article share your feedback.

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