What Will Happen if We Run Laptop Without Battery?

People have develop and come up with so many perceptions and rumors on the battery life and running laptops without battery, some even say running laptops without the battery will only be unsafe in terms of data loss since motherboards have some of their circuits on power when they are plugged in. Many users of laptops are vehemently confused by all kinds of information they do get online on this subject which is totally contradictory. Let us have a look and try to get an exact answer to this query. What Will Happen if We Run Laptop Without Battery?

How does the power chain work in laptop?What Will Happen if We Run Laptop Without Battery?

When you are charging your laptop normally the current flow is divided into two main paths, that is the one going to the system and another one going to the battery system. As to how much current will each path takes generally depends on the workload thus the system load is given first priority in this case and leaves nothing to the battery, in fact, the battery never connects to the system load directly but through a FET transistor to completely connect or disconnect the battery from the load. Its worth nothing that when there is no battery the FET transistor will turn off such that they are left only with system load path.

When larger load acts on a battery (resistance higher than normal), it can cause the charging system to overwork, and therefore heat up the laptop. This condition can cause the laptop to turn itself off, and therefore you will lose any unsaved work. In addition, Multiple are of laptops get damaged due to Overheating. What Will Happen if We Run Laptop Without Battery?

Whether using the laptop without a battery is safe? What Will Happen if We Run Laptop Without Battery?

After getting vividly the concept of the science behind the way the chain works, we can try to answer this question. We can charge and discharge finite number of times. That is why many manufacturers suggest that you can always remember to remove your battery if you always use your laptop directly on AC power. So it is completely safe to run laptop without battery. However, leaving your laptop plugged in will not cause any short-term damage. If you only ever use it on AC power you will almost find that after a period of one year the battery capacity has been significantly reduced.

It depends on your habit for example if you want to prolong the lifespan of your battery then are things to consider and put in practice, you should never overcharge and overheat your laptop. Store your battery in a cool place after charging up to 70%. This will enhance and prolong your battery lifespan and help you be safe from unnecessary damages which could have been avoided right from the beginning. What Will Happen if We Run Laptop Without Battery?

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