Top free email backup tools for clients and accounts

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Email is now one of the primary medium of correspondence and it means that we do not have thousands but many inboxes.

It is more likely that most of us have more than one e-mail address, because today everyone uses different email addresses for personal, business and social networking. Top free email backup tools for clients and accounts

Now there are thousands of mails coming in these inboxes, many of these emails have a short life span. When their purpose is complete, they are automatically left behind in your inbox.

Back up your email easily with many email clients and accounts

Such e-mails are flooded with your inbox, after which it is difficult to find an e-mail.

If this is happening to you, then you need a better archive solution.

MailStore Home:

MailStore Home is a free software in which you can archive emails from any source and you can easily search through it. This tool works as the central storage of all your email accounts inbox and makes them searchable under a single window. You can install MailStore as a portable application on your computer or USB drive, which can later be accessed on any computer. This tool is really useful and easy and when you have a lot of email accounts. With this program you can export all e-mails to any folder on PC. In it you can backup your inbox on DVD or USB stick, which you can access on any PC according to your convenience. Top free email backup tools for clients and accounts Along with business users, it is also useful software for home users, because today e-mail is a valuable source of information. In this way, you will never lose any of your emails and you can search all your e-mails very fast. Large amounts of data and important files are saved as email. At MailStore Home, you can back up emails in Central Storage, even if they are distributed to different computers, programs or mailboxes. You can use it on your PC or USB drive as a portable option.

Benefits Of MailStore Home:

You can archive almost any source email in MailStore Home and some of them are:
  • Internet mailbox such as Gmail or Yahoo!
  • Any POP3 and IMAP mailboxes
  • Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016
  • Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016 Mailboxes
  • Microsoft Office 365 (Exchange Online)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird and Symony
  • PST, EML, and other files
Top free email backup tools for clients and accounts
Never Lose Emails Again With MailStore Home:
If you are using Outlook, you will know that if the size of the PST file gets bigger, then the chances of getting it corrupted. In this way you can lose your important mails.

But this will not happen in the case of MailStore Home.

Download & Install MailStore Home:
First download the free version of MailStore Home from the link below-

Download: MailStore Home

When installing, it will ask you to select the installation directory. Here you can install this program on your computer or on USB pen drive.

How To Backup:

After installing, when you start MailStore Home, you will see a screen with three sections. The process of archiving the email varies depending on the email account you use. For example, we will see how to archive a Gmail account. Top free email backup tools for clients and accounts

Click Archive E-mail.

Type your email address in the field, then click on Start. Now you will go to a web browser to log in that email account. After logging in, click on the Allow button to allow MailStore Home to archive your mail. After that close this browser tab. Now you can see a popup at MailStore Home that a new profile has been created for this mail address.

Click Ok.

You can now see your email account in the list of profiles. To archive all emails in this account, double-click this profile (the process may take some time).

Click on Close when the process is complete.

Similarly, you can repeat these steps to archive all the emails of any account.

Search For e-mails:

After archiving the email, you will see an Inbox and Sent Item of your email in this program. In this you can easily search in the archived mails using various search parameters of MailStore Home. To Search E-mail-

Click Search E-mail.

Now type your search term in the ‘Search for’ field. You can use the tick box to filter subject, sender, message body and other search. By default, this program searches for emails in all your accounts (including all folders), but you can restrict your search with a search filter. If you want to search in a specific folder, click on the three dot next to the folder and select your account, select the folder in which you want to search, then click OK. Top free email backup tools for clients and accounts To filter emails by Sender or Recipient, type their email address in the corresponding field. Along with this, you can also filter when the email is received based on its time. Click on the date dropdown menu and select the option. Can range from date to custom. In the advanced section below, you can filter to attach emails with or without attachments to search for attachments. Exporting Email: You can export all the archived emails in MailStore Home to access it again in your favorite client. For example, if you select Outlook, you can access these emails in the PST file and then import this file into Outlook. Top free email backup tools for clients and accounts
How To Back Up All The Emails:
Now we will see how to back up all the emails from your account on CD / USB. Create a new folder in which you want to back up On the main screen of MailStore Home, click Backup to HDD or USB. Now select the folder where you want to store the backup. If you like this post, do not forget to share it with your friends. You can help us reach out to more people by sharing it on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Thanks!

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