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Top 10 Best free Google Apps For Android in 2018-19

We use a lot of Android apps in our daily life. Some of them are useful while some are rarely. But when it comes to innovation & building a great quality application, Google has always been a step ahead. Many Google apps come pre-installed on every Android mobile phone but some people found them a burden. But when they realises their importance, they become habitat used to them. Today, I am going to share Top Google popular Apps For Android.

Top free Google popular Apps For Android in 2018-19 (updated)


Today, we can click as many pictures as we want just by picking the phone out of our pocket. But if we talk about 2 or 3 decade ago, the case was completely different. People used to take photographs using film-roll cameras & print them on rear paper. We all must have some old pictures in our home whose quality is degrading with time.

Using PhotoScan, you can convert to the digital form. This application scans your photo from every side & using its algorithm produce a high-quality digital image.

Google Keep:

Google keep is making notes management task very much easier. Usually, this application comes in google apps bundle in every Android mobile phone but due to the scarcity of knowledge, people are again installing Evernote and other note taking applications. I am not saying other applications are not good, but when the task can be done by an installed app, what’s the point in again installing a new appliance.

In Google apps, you can customize your notes using label & colors. The reminder option is also given there. You will also get options to add checkboxes, photos & drawing in your notes. It works on computer & mobile phone both, so there will be no problem of synchronization. I am using this application from a long time & it looks quite premium.

Files Go:

A recently launched Files Go application is a faster way to clean up, find & share files. Files Go gives personalized space cleanup suggestions for unused applications, large or duplicate files or even low-resolution videos. It uses smart filters that directly organises photos, videos and other types of files without any folders. You can also transfer files to nearby people without any type of data. The transfers are encrypted & fast for security reasons.

Top Google popular Apps For Android

Chrome Remote Desktop:


We even go outside with a hope that I will be back very soon & continue work. But this doesn’t happen all time. We usually stuck somewhere for many hours & forget the work. Chrome Remote Desktop is a chrome app which provides a superb way to control your computer using your phone from anywhere in the world.

Using this application, Of course, you can’t continue your work on the small screen of your mobile phone. But at least you can save your work & turn off the computer. Just download the application on your computer & smartphone, sign in with the same account & lastly enable the remote desktop connection.

Google Translate:

We can use any available website or application to translate languages to another. So, What’s special about Google Translate?  There are a few options which definitely make this application a worth install. It can also translate languages using microphone & camera of your phone. Just tap on the mic icon & start speaking in any language,  the application will instantly translate that language into any required language. You can also translate text written in any language into another just by scanning it using the camera of your mobile phone. These are the best useful features of Google Translate. Top Google popular Apps For Android


Jio has revolutionized the telecom industry in a very short period of time, with a great way. But still, many people rely on limited mobile internet data plans. Datally claims to save your mobile data up to 30%. Using this application, you can track your data usage on an hourly basis. Datally uses a VPN to track the traffic & can block mobile internet data access to every app completely. So, if you are looking for best Google apps for Android device in 2018-19, this application is a must install. This is a wonderful app to track background data usage & to control data usage per app.

Google Opinion Reward:

Google Play store consists of many cool free & paid applications but a majority of us only uses free ones. So, what about the paid ones? Do they are not useful? Now, you don’t have to spend a single penny for trying out paid applications of Google Play store. Just Install Google Opinion Reward from play store & earn rewards.

This application provides surveys in a few days & on completing those, you can easily earn Rs. 12 – Rs.  20. The surveys are usually quite short & can take a maximum of 2 minutes. Then, you can spend this amount on Google Play store for purchasing your favourite paid apps.

Snapseed is a powerful photo editing application by Google. It has all familiar options as well as many advanced options.It has all normal options as well as many advanced options. Recently launched many photo editing applications are only trying to make your selfies better but Snapseed offers far more than that. Top Google popular Apps For Android


Along with all normal options like cropping, rotating, adjusting light levels, it offers features like RAW pictures, selective adjust, healing, tune-image, etc.  You will also get many cool filters like glamour glow, lens blur, HDR, etc in this app.

Google Authentication:

If you want to keep your account safe, the two-step verification is a must. Google Authenticator generates a new code every time. After enabling two-step verification in your account, you can use codes from this application to log in to your Google account. So, say goodbye to text messages & emails and start using this application. Google Authenticator generates a new code only when needed. So, there’s no chance of codes being stolen.

Google Calendar:

Google Calendar is must application to be considered on this list. Along with beautiful material design UI & cool transition effects, there are much more to know about. Google Calendar offers 3 useful options for making your life easier. 1st is the task, second is events & the last one is goals.

Here, tasks & events are common options but the goal is quite useful. You can add your goals to the calendar & while adding just tell the calendar, on which days & for how many hours, you want to do that activity. Now, the calendar automatically assigns activity at the best suitable time of yours. Top Google popular Apps For Android

Wraping Up: 

So, these are the top 10 best Google apps for Android device in 2018-19. Which application do you like the most? Tell me in the comments section below. Also, if you know some other useful Google application.


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