How to shoot amazing photographs with Smartphone

How to shoot amazing photographs with Smartphone.How to shoot amazing photographs with Smartphone

Hello Tricksdiarians !How to shoot amazing photographs with Smartphone

Here are some basic and useful tips and tricks regarding How to shoot amazing photographs with Smartphone meanwhile how to enhance our mobile phone photography? In this modern era of materialism , every individual love to capture some best or amazing moment of his/her life, but this post is all about who do not have any plan to own a Dslr camera, but they want to click some ultra amazing photographs with their smartphone camera.How to shoot amazing photographs with Smartphone- Smartphone photography

Speaking of panoramic shots, swap the direction and angle. 

These aren’t problematical, but they may be be somewhat you haven’t realized up till now. Change the panning direction by just touching the arrow and it will switch direction. Take vertical panoramic shots by tilting your smart phone so that, you are holding it in landscape positioning. Instead of panning horizontally, pan vertically from low to high or vice versa. By this you can also take a vibrant photograph of a multi-storey tall building.How to shoot amazing photographs with Smartphone- Smartphone photography

 Perfect “Jump-ology” freeze photographs using burst mode and faster shutter speeds.

Acquire low angle position to take the photograph so, the model (jumper) appear higher! If you have your object so try to create shapes with their bodies in lieu of jumping straight up and down, it will give more of a floating outcome. To safeguard sure you capture the picture-perfect moment, use the burst mode on your camera and a faster shutter speed to freeze the movement.


Discover the best spot for gorgeous sunrise and sunset photos using The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE) app to map out the position of the sun

 It’s a map-centric sun and moon calculator, permitting you to see how the light will fall on the surface, day or night, for any location on Globe. It’s especially supportive in planning for early-morning shoots, when it’s harder to pinpoint correctly where the sun will rise.How to shoot amazing photographs with Smartphone- Smartphone photography


Don’t look from the viewfinder to click more candid street shots 

Go a bit into the radar and see where it takes you when you don’t look by the viewfinder. Choose your camera’s Program mode and set the drive mode to silent if your camera has this function. Pre-focus the lens by hand around five or six feet. Attach the camera with your strap at a longest length over your shoulder and press the shutter release in short bursts as you stroll around an exciting people inspecting street.

Make assured to review your shots every now and then to make any small alterations to focal length and the location of the camera.How to shoot amazing photographs with Smartphone- Smartphone photography


Use Low-cost Macro Filters to Get Close-Up Amplification

If you can’t pay for a dedicated macro lens, you can get a comparable effect for a fraction of the price with macro filters. While shooting with a macro filter however, you will want to keep your aperture small – such as f11 to f18 – to get a decent depth of field.How to shoot amazing photographs with Smartphone- Smartphone photography


Take backlight photographs at golden hour for desirable portraits with a warm spark

The golden hour in photography is the first and last hour of sun-light of the day, where you catch the sought after soft light for halo like portraits. And if you truly want to be clear-cut, there is an app for that. The Golden Hour App which illustrate you the route of the sun in the sky for the place and date selected.


Capture Both Sides of the Moment through the Frontback App 

This application is available on (Google Play and in iTunes) uses the front and back of your camera to shoot what you see and how you feel at all. Some have defined it as having your face being the emotion, or subtitle, for what you are seeing and undergoing. If about to bungee jump off a bridge your #frontback image may display the view of the drop and perhaps your worried selfie right before the jump. Once you’ve clicked a photo, you can share it in a single image to your social media account.


Use a Droplet of Clear Water to Create Your Own Macro Lens on Your Smart Phone

One more Macro Lens trick is to use a straw to drop a tiny droplet of water on your smart handset lens to magnify your image immensely. A small drop won’t slipfrom the lense of your camera ring when you pick up your phone to take a picture.

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