How to Run APK Files on Pc, Run android apps on windows

How to Run Apk Files on Pc, Run android on windows PC:-

How to Run Apk Files on Pc

If you are planning to use android apk files in your pc then you must know that apk files won’t work in pc unless you use certain emulators. For beginners, we must know why this happens apk files runs well in our android phones but not in pc. The reason behind this is Windows has been programmed to run specific files, for example, let us say .exe files. These executable files run especially on Windows and Microsoft DOS. Whereas apk files this is known as Android Package Kit is specially designed to run on Android platform. Hence we need certain emulators to run these files. We have shortlisted certain emulators based on performance.

Top 5 picks for emulators:-


The most popular emulator in the market. And runs very well with higher configuration windows. The most interesting feature which no other emulators provide a live stream to twitch and facebook live using Bluestack TV. It also supports multitasking like other emulators. Bluestack won’t run properly in lower version of windows as it might slow down the system. The installation process is very simple and straight through. Once installed you need to install apps from google play store and then use it same as in android mobiles. Bluestack comes with pre-installed  Android version KitKat 4.4.

Remix OS player:-

Remix OS player has a hassle-free installation process compared to other emulators. But make sure that Virtualization Technology is enabled in your BIOS. And this emulator doesn’t function properly with some of the AMD chipsets. If you are a gamer then you can blindly go for this app because this app is extremely designed for that purpose. You can also manually set signal strength. You can also play multiple gaming at a time. It comes with a pre-installed Android Marshmallow versions. It is more suitable for developer also as has a separate setting for the developer where you can test or run your apps.

How to Run Apk Files on Pc

Nox player:-

If you are looking for more features in your emulator then this app is the answer to that. It comes with a wide range of feature and you don’t necessarily need to download from the player instead you can just drag down the apk files from your computer. You can connect to your computer and easily transfer files between your computer and emulator. The problem is it has more features but difficult to understand hence it will take time to learn those features. Once you have learned then you will be in love with this emulator. It comes with a pre-installed version of Android KitKat 4.4.the limitation would be that the apps running in newer version won’t run on this emulator. The other drawbacks would be sometimes the app may crash and you need to restart the emulator.

Note: All these emulators require a google account. If you have already one then no problem or else these emulators will prompt you to create one

How to Run Apk Files on Pc


This emulator is solely for developers. App testing is the major feature of this emulator. Before installing make sure that you have enabled Virtualization Technology in your BIOS and you have the latest version of the virtual box installed. It can also be used for personal use other than developing. An interesting feature in this is we can select any kind of version in Android starting from Kitkat 4.4 to Nougat 7.0.  Genymotion also provides an online emulator where you can try apps in your browser itself. We have to install google play store separately by adjusting few settings.

Ko player:-

This player is solely for gaming purpose. Gamers can opt this emulator without any hesitation. It can also be used for other purposed. The internal memory depends upon the apps we are going to us in this emulator. It has many additional features like adaptive resolution, compatibility, and perfect simulation of keyboard and mouse simultaneously. All kind of google play apps and games run on Ko player. It supports gamepad flawlessly without any lag. The Limitation would be it is not suitable if your configuration is low.

Note: All these emulators are free but they are not ad-free. They will prompt you to install some apps or they will install apps automatically without any indication.

How to Run Apk Files on Pc

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