How to increase battery life of SmartPhones, Best updated Tricks:-

How to increase battery life of SmartPhones

Battery life plays an important role in the Smartphone’s lifetime. But sadly smartphones with those powerful features cannot withstand battery for even 24 hrs without charging. It is obvious that now a day we are provided with high power batteries but they are not enough. Still, we need an upgraded version for batteries.


Here we provide you some simple tricks which will help to boost your smartphone battery life:-


We all love our smartphone with high Brightness, color wallpapers with full HD display. Brightness is the worst enemy for battery health. It is one of the major reasons for battery life draining. It is better we keep brightness to low as maximum as possible. Recent smartphones have automatic brightness settings. Once you enable it.  It adjusts the phone brightness based on the surrounding light ambiance. And in addition, we can set mobile wallpapers to dark theme or images. Dark themes or images consume less battery than the bright or colorful images.

Screen timeout:-

Our phones are more sensitive and they respond to even slight touch and become active. If we are not aware of those touches then the screen will go to sleep only after the time we have scheduled. We have to make sure that the screen timeout time is less as possible. In most phones, the timeout time is 15 seconds minimum and 30 minutes maximum. Keeping your phone in sleep may give you an additional half an hour battery life.

How to increase battery life of SmartPhones

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi:-

This is another duo problem which drains our battery. Bluetooth and wifi both search for available services nearby automatically when they are turned on. And this consumes more energy than you can imagine. It is good to turn off both of them when we are no using it. Mostly when we are outdoors we don’t need these settings to be on. They will be searching for all nearby devices and services. Now that would drain your battery to death.

Location services and GPS:-

All most all apps we are now using prompts us to enable location services and GPS even if they are not necessary.  We must be wise to select which apps should access our location. More the apps running on location services more the drainage of battery life.  In smartphones, we can select how the location service should work like high accuracy or battery saver. You can select it based on your own usage. It is better to turn off when we are not using it.

Note: Usage of Wi-Fi instead of GPS for location services will help to save battery life. Wi-Fi consumes less energy than GPS.

How to increase battery life of SmartPhones


The most interesting and powerful features of Smartphones is multitasking. But this feature comes with a huge cost for your battery as they drain your battery to death. Closing the apps just by giving back button or pressing main menu button won’t work. It is better you go for recent tabs and check if the app is closed. Don’t go for more than one app unless you need to do so. All apps share your processor, ram between them so it will slow down your phone and suck your battery’s life.

Note: If you force close any apps and when you again open it, it will consume more battery as all the coding and ram should start from the beginning. Hence avoid force closing apps.


Do you know these vibration mode in our smartphones are major suckers of battery life? Even ringtone don’t use battery that much as they are activated only by just playing the audio. But when you set your phone for vibration the vibrating motor in your phones has to shake the whole phone in order to vibrate. For this process, more energy is required. It is better not use this option unless needed. If you don’t want to any sound then turn off all your notification and mute your phone.

How to increase battery life of SmartPhones

Push notifications:-

While any notification comes to your LED blinks and notifies with the message about notification. This process consumes more energy. Obviously, we can’t turn off message and call notification. People in Business and other professional activities can’t turn off their mail notifications. But we can turn off other app notifications from our apps and add an extra hour to our smartphone battery.

Power saving modes:-

This feature helps our smartphones to save our battery life. We recommend you to enable this mode. This could increase your usage time. In some phones, power saving mode gets enabled when the battery power is below 20%. This is good but you can also turn it on manually. In some phones, we have this feature like ultra-saving mode. When you turn on this feature it turns off all unwanted running apps and notification except calls. This is a very handy feature for low battery strength phones

Use of battery saver apps:-

Now in the Android market, we have many apps that help us to save our battery life. These apps scan our smartphone and finds out the exact reason for battery drainage. They manage all our apps and notifications based on our usage. This could help us to give extra time to our battery life. Hence it is better to use these apps. Some apps for this purpose

DU Battery saver,

Battery HD


How to increase battery life of SmartPhones

Turning off some hidden features:-

Our smartphones are stuffed with many hidden sensors which contribute in draining battery life. Most often we don’t use these sensors hence it is better to turn off these sensors when not in use. By doing this we can add an extra half an hour to our battery life

Note: If your battery is damaged or not as how it was when you bought to take it to the nearest service center and it is recommendable to use of power banks it can help you to save your battery.


Hope you like this article if you have any feedback or suggestions on how to save battery life you could comment it below so that everyone could know.

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