How To Book Confirmed Tatkal Tickets From IRCTC, Updated

How To Book Confirmed Tatkal Tickets From IRCTC:-


How To Book Confirmed Tatkal Tickets From IRCTC

Hi Friends, If you want to book your instant ticket successfully with IRCTC, then this post will prove to be very helpful for you. So read this post till the end.

Because after this post you will be able to successfully book your instant ticket with IRCTC.

Friends, this is not such a shortcut trick, but now is a new feature given by IRCTC, which is named “IRCTC Wallet”.

As you all know, when booking an instant ticket from IRCTC, which takes us the most time, it is to pay for it. In such a situation, when we are late, all the tickets are booked and we can not get a confirmed ticket.

In this way IRCTC has introduced a new and innovative feature – “IRCTC Wallet”.

IRCTC Wallet will work as a digital wallet, which you can use to keep money in advance.

That is, if you already keep the money in it, then you will be comfortable while booking a ticket and by paying quickly, you can book your confirmation instant ticket.

Indian Railways “Ticketing System” means IRCTC users to book tickets online:-

How To Book Confirmed Tatkal Tickets From IRCTC

Let me know, you can only use it on IRCTC mobile app IRCTC Rail Conncet. And for that you have to register for its official site.

IRCTC has given its information through a Tweet. Which you can see below.

✔ @IRCTCofficial

IRCTC E-wallet users can book rail e-tickets through #IRCTC Rail Connect Android App also. Download from here 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

So let’s know how you can use IRCTC Wallet:-

For this you will have to register first, for which you can follow the steps of the lower.

How to register for IRCTC Wallet?

STEP 1. First of all, visit the official site of IRCTC by clicking here.


How To Book Confirmed Tatkal Tickets From IRCTC

STEP 2. Then log in with your user ID and password and click on Register Now under the IRCTC E-Wallet section.

STEP 3. After this, for Verification you need to select your PAN number or Aadhaar number and inter enter.

STEP 4. After processing, you will have to pay one time payment of 50 rupees (tax is not included).

STEP 5. After this you can add 100 rupees to 10,000 rupees in IRCTC Wallet.

What are the advantages of IRCTC Wallet?

This will benefit you, that when you are booking instant tickets, you can use it for payment, which will be quite fast and you can confirm your immediate ticket by paying before other people.

Let us know that you can keep your IRCTC Wallet add up to Rs 10,000. In such a way, you can keep your IRCTC wallet in as much money as you like, or even more so that it is easy for you to book tickets.

So in this way all of you know, how you can easily confirm your immediate ticket using your IRCTC wallet through your mobile.

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How To Book Confirmed Tatkal Tickets From IRCTC

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