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10 Easy ways to enhance gaming performance of your PC:-

Tips To Enhance Gaming Performance:-

Easy ways to enhance gaming performance of your PC

We all must have come across the gaming at least once in our lifetime. It may be any games from basic board level games to high-end graphics games. And when it comes to poor gaming performance due to systems malfunctioning irritates us a lot. We are here with simple tricks which would help to enhance your gaming performance.


Maintenance of system is very important as it plays the crucial role systems life. Too much dust and the dust settled in your system ventilators that must be removed. As they slow down the system performance, this indirectly reduces the performance of the system. You can do this by either regular maintenance of the system. If it is too much to clean just take it to the nearby service center so that they can do their job.


If you want uninterrupted gameplay then you must be sure that your drivers are up-to-date. Checking Audio drivers and display drivers will do the trick. If they are not up-to-date then update the drivers

  • Search device manager in the taskbar
  • In device manager, you will have options “sounds, video, game controller”
  • And other option “Display adapters”
  • Click those options and check whether it is working properly by right-clicking it and select properties
  • If not then give uninstall and you have to install your drivers manually.
  • Search on the internet for the drivers and download and install it
  • After installation is completed the system might prompt for restart accept it

Easy ways to enhance gaming performance of your PC

Now your drivers would function without any issues.

Malware or spyware issues:-

They can cause trouble for both gameplay and system security. Hence they must be removed without any hesitation. Check whether your antivirus software is working properly and go for rootkit scan. It will clean these pests. If your antivirus is not installed. Then I would recommend for  K7 or Avast they can keep your system safe. But if you are gamer then K7 might be a trouble as it slows down the system.

Antivirus issues:-

Yeah, I know this is contradictory but sometimes antivirus software will ruin our gameplay, as they stop our game. So it is better to stop or disable antivirus software for a certain period. And enable it after we finished our gaming

Old components:-

If you are using your system for more than 3 years then you might check for your components. They may slow down your game. As they might have become too old for those games and stop your system’s performance. It is better to replace those components especially hard disks, Graphic cards, ROM etc


If you are using high-end graphics games make sure that you have allocated enough space for those games as some games need more space. It is better you read the game installation instructions before installing the game.  If you have enough space in your driver and still your game is lagging then you must go for RAM allocation.

Easy ways to enhance gaming performance of your PC

Supercharge your graphics cards:-

The whole gaming thing depends on the graphics card hence a little boost in the graphics card will do the trick. This is commonly known as Overclocking. But I would prefer this option only on extreme cases as this will affect not only the drivers but also the whole system and finally result in malfunctioning. Anyway if you are determined for you pc performance then you can boost it by 10 to 15%. Some recommended Overclocking tools

  1. MSI Afterburner
  2. EVGA Precision X

Use of SSDs instead of HDD:-

If you want more time playing rather than waiting it will do the trick. Use of SSDs of nearly 250GB + will boost the gaming performance. If roughly said 540 MB/s of sequential read and 460 MB/s of sequential write. In case of SSD, you can go for Sandisk 480GB Extreme which is more suitable for gaming purpose.

Easy ways to enhance gaming performance of your PC

Power management:-

This is another reason why our gaming lags in middle. Due to poor power management, the performance of games may slightly be lowered. We have to make sure that for this game we have allocated maximum performance in our graphics driver settings.

Optimization tool:-

Use of optimization tool will enhance the gaming performance. Optimization tool like AVG, C cleaner, System Mechanic, etc. these tools will help you to stop background apps which will be hindering our gaming performance. With the help of these tools, we can also uninstall unwanted apps which we have not used for ages. As we know the more we install apps in our system the more it will affect the performance of games and other software. So it is better to remove unwanted apps.

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