How hackers steal money without trace? Always be careful


Come, let us tell you about the 5 most common methods that hackers use on your money …

India has got an increase in online transactions. people also make purchases through various types of apps and pay online. Apart from the purchase, online payment of online banking and services has also increased. And with this the risk of hackers has also increased. We often hear about online fraud. Let’s tell you about the 5 most common methods that How hackers steal money without trace.

How hackers steal money without trace, Always be careful:-

#1 Farming (Pharming):

Hackers Pharming is visible to you exactly like the real website to see which lead to a fake website. You may be given many types of attractive offers on such websites. The attraction offers come enter details of your net banking or card for the transaction as soon as you, hackers can steal them and cause damage financially.


#2 keystroke logging (Keystroke Logging):

Keystroke Logging is the way in which they have any software downloaded by mistake, which secretly sends hackers details of your net banking, cards and more. So you should also seek information about it before downloading the app and enter details relating to net banking and cards etc. therein.

#3 Malware:

Malware is a software that damages any computer system. This software deletes all security features and leads the hackers to the necessary information. Recently many banks were stuck in trouble due to such software.

#4 Phishing &  Vishing:

Phishing is a way to send spam mail to users who are fooled. Users feel that the email has come from the right place but it is actually sent by the hackers. You will also get emails of many times in which it will be a matter of winning millions of crores rupees. Similar messages when sent via mobile phone via SMS are called Vishing. In this manner hackers trap users and obtain confidential information from them.

#5 SIM swipe:

This is the way in which hackers get duplicate SIM cards from you mobile operator on the basis of fake documents. After this, the mobile service operator deactivates your real SIM and hackers generate a one time password (OTP) on your number and make you financially harmed.
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