Genuine tricks Google Adsense Account approval

Google Adsense Account approval ke top tricks

Top tricks for the approval of Google Adsence.

Genuine tricks Google Adsense Account approval

Hey friends how are you. Today’s post is really special; today’s post is all about Google Adsence. There are only few people’s who knows about it, so this post is for them and also for those who know too. Genuine tricks Google Adsense Account approval

How to get Google Adsence approval?

Friends in this blog post I’ll teach you how to get Google Adsence approval, First by Youtube Channel, Secondly by a Android Application called android Developer and third and most important Blog Website. Let’s first talk about YouTube Channel.

#1 YouTube Channel

First in the list is YouTube. Approval for YouTube channel is not easy. At first before 2017 it was easy you just had to create a YouTube channel and link it with Google adsence, you would get approval at hand. But in 2017 YouTube updated its policy’s , now you have to get at least 10 thousand views total then you can apply for a Google adsence account and again in 2018 YouTube added some more terms according to them you have to have at least one thousand and four thousand hours watch time is necessary. If you meet the regarding terms then you can apply for Google adsence and join its partner program. This concludes terms for a older channel before policy update, now about a new channel created in 2018 then you get time of 1 year to get 1000 subscribers and at least 4000 hours of watch time. Then you can join Google adsence partner program.

#2 Android Developer

Android Developer means making of android applications. Peoples who know how to make android apps can too make Google adsence account by using Admob. You just have to create a Admob account and you’ll get a adsence account without any need of approval. Once you have created account generate ad unit and place its code in your application. Then publish you app on Google Playstore.  Now your earning is started. There is lot of peoples out there earning a fair share of money by Admob. Also lot of Android Developer is earning huge amount of money by this unlimited earning platform.

Genuine tricks Google Adsense Account approval

#3 Blog or Website

Third and most important earning platform is blog r website for which getting approval of Google Adsence is too damn hard. Once when you apply and get the account approval then you’ll get non-hosted Adsence Account. Non-Hosted is account which you can only get by Blog or a Website. It’s the most important Adsence account. To get the approval of non-hosted adsence account you have to make a blog or website. In which you have to publish at least 15-20 posts with unique content. Your website or blog then inquired by Google Adsence and check if it meets with all the policies of company. If you meet the requirements then you’ll get the website approval. After getting approval then you can publish ads on your website and start earning.

So friends now you know how to get Google Adsence approval. If you find my post informative please share it with you family and friends. For any query please comment or contact us. See you then in my next post.


Genuine tricks Google Adsense Account approval

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