How to find out whether our smartphone hacked or not?

In our daily life, we use a smartphone every time. It is hard to spend a day without this. All our important files, documents, pictures, and personal data are stored in this device. What if someone tries to steal our personal data, files, and pictures, you will obviously not like this. Smartphone hacking is an activity to steal your personal data, to use your smartphone or computer or change your data without your permission. A person who hacks your smartphone or computer called a hacker. Hacker can steal, destroy and damage your information. So it is really important to know whether your smartphone hacked or not and keep your data safe and secure.

So here are some very important tips to know whether your phone is hacked or not?

Dropped calls

When you try to make calls and they are being dropped or you are not able to dial any number or make any calls, it simply means your phone is hacked. Or If you hear any kind of noises then also you’re the smartphone is hacked. So try out to find if you can make calls properly.

Tempered social media texts

If there is any text on your Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media which you have not noticed and it is seen before you or there are texts or msgs sent from your phone then your phone must be hacked. Check all your social media account carefully and find such activity if any.

When your phone slows down How to find out whether our smartphone hacked or not?

Sometimes our smartphone doesn’t work properly. It hangs and slows down again and again so do not take it lightly. It can be an attack by hackers. How to find out whether our smartphone hacked or not?

Dial numbers and sent emails

is there any unknown number in your call list or any tempered or sent email? If there is such kind of the issue then you should beware because it can be definitely a cyber attack.

Receiving abnormal or strange texts

Is there any strange or abnormal text you are receiving? This happens because of spy software. If your phone is hacked you receive some abnormal texts and symbols and links.

Random shut down or reboots

If your smartphone randomly shuts down or reboots then be cautious. There maybe other causes for shut down. But Hacking may also the cause or shutdown

Random installed apps

Check your application list in your smartphone device, if you see any random installed application without your approval.

Changed social media account password

Check all your social media carefully if you are not able to log in or passwords are changed. If you have memory problem then this trick won’t work..

If your phone has randomly dialed numbers, abnormal emails or texts, strange apps and your phone are not working properly, you are receiving unusual texts or links then these are the sign that your phone is hacked. How to find out whether our smartphone hacked or not?

Some useful Tips to secure your device

  • Never download any app from the third party,
  • Do not visit any malicious websites, never install random apps,
  • Never connect to open wifi and
  • Especially not root your device ever.

So, friends, these were some tips to protect your phone and know whether your phone is hacked or not. Share your feedback, tell us if you liked the article and comment your views.


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