Deleted photo recovery top apps for Android Smartphones:-

Deleted photo recovery top apps for Android

Worried about accidentally deleted precious photos from your Android smartphones. Android market has come up with more specific apps so that you don’t need to worry about those problems anymore. These apps run on the basic version of Android to newest versions. In the android market there are lots of apps for this purpose but we have selected top apps among them.

If you think that how to recover your deleted precious picks then this article will definitely solve your problem:-

Disk Digger:-

It is one of the most popular apps in the android market. It can undelete and recover lost photos and images from memory card or internal storage. Even if we format our corrupted memory card we can restore all our images by using this app. If we have rooted our mobile then the app can search for photos and videos in all of our phone memory If our device Is not rooted then the app will search in caches and thumbnails for lost photos We can also permanently delete unwanted photos so that it becomes unrecoverable. It also allows us to save our recovered files in google drive, dropbox etc.

Recovery Master-Recycle Bin, File recovery:-

This app is a user-friendly app which allows us to recover photos without any sweat. The Main disadvantage of this app is that it won’t recover any files that were deleted before installing this app. Once we delete the photos it is stored in this app so that we can recover it whenever we want to. We can use this app as a secret locker also. We can protect this app with a password and make sure that no one sees our private photos. It also has an additional feature of auto clean. It will clean our deleted files once in a week, month or whatever period we set for auto clean.

Quick tips: If you have damaged photos or images then it is better to delete it and then recover using these apps so that it will be recovered perfectly without any errors.

DigDeep Image recovery:-

It is a powerful recovery tool that searches our both internal and external storage for deleted images and recovers them. This app is reliable to use. All we need to do is install this app and wait for a certain time while this app scans our entire internal and external memory. The time depends on our memory. Larger the memory more the time. No need to root the phone. This app may show undeleted photos also this is because those photos are already present in hidden folders.

Deleted photo recovery top apps for Android


This is a recycle bin type app downloaded by millions of users. It helps to recover not only images but also videos too. Once we download this app and install it. It instantly backups our deleted photos and other files. It also supports auto clean so that we can schedule for permanent deleting of files. It allows us to store in cloud storage which is even safer. It also has a feature for app lock and protects with a password. It has its own custom themes and designs. It supports 14 languages. No need to root the device. No need for internet connections. It is an insurance for your files so that you don’t lose them by mistakes.


Quick tips: Before going for recovery check your google drive or Dropbox for deleted photos or any other files. Because smartphones have auto backup options if we have not disabled it would be present in it.

Super Backup and Restore:-

This app is all in one app. It can restore or recover all kind of data, chats, browse history, calendars, call history. It does not require any rooting. It can also download backups from google drive. If you are planning to restore apps from SD cards then you need to root the device. You can also schedule automatic backups so that you don’t need to worry about your data anymore. You can also select specific sms conversations to back up to your SD card. It has an additional feature which shows the last backup count and time. Users can also change the backup storage path in settings. It can also record voice call clearly.

Quick tips: If deleted photos are not showing up after recovered using  these apps then you might need to reboot your Smartphone.

Deleted photo recovery top apps for Android

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