recover Damaged Memory Card

Tips & Tricks to recover Damaged Memory Card.

Hi friend’s, how are you, and welcome to all of you. This post is mostly for those people who have photography as career path and people’s who suffers from loss of data from memory card like impossible photos. People’s have to suffer because of a damaged memory card a lot because of the loss of data that’s why I bring you all my todays post. I’m Gonna teach you tips and tricks to recover data from memory card. Compact flash cards or SD card mainly used in digital camera or DSLR as Storage Device. recover Damaged Memory Card

When you use your camera to click pictures, they store in that small SD card. If by any reason your memory card stop working or got damaged then probably you will lost all of your important photos. You’ll lost all of those memories in the form of pictures and for a professional photographer it can become a big mess and loss. Sometimes when we click photos and store all of it on the same SD card and when it becomes full, we change SD card. But while we try to access it in home or lab to print photos or just for viewing
It shows Corrupt error and in computer it doesn’t show memory card. It’s My own Experience, and it really made me furious.  recover Damaged Memory Card

Reasons why Memory Card stopped Working.

Removing SD card from camera, sometimes due to improper physically handling it stops working. Or because of virus, if your PC have virus then it can also corrupt the SD Card. There can be many reasons.

How to recover memory card?

By the help of HKDSK utility software you can recover your memory card.

CHKDSK utility software is really helpful in taking care of corrupt partisan tebals. By this trick we can access card by connecting it to the computer. After that you can use following tips to recover your data.

To use Partisan tebals on memory card / SD Card. Open the following command on MS DOS :

chkdsk g:/f /r /x

Here G shows Drive Card, you should check your drive according to your PC.

(recovering of damaged Memory Card can be dangerous because it changes the MFT or file location table. If you don’t have complete backup of SD card, then probably you shouldn’t use this trick)

By use of Free Open Source Recovery

By the help of free open source you can recover your photos. They have many levels of its results. Cons of free utility is also included. Some are completely based on command prompt. That’s why people with lack of programming skills it’s difficult. And in some cases they fail to identify a non working memory card. If fail system of card is corrupt then in this position this don’t work.  recover Damaged Memory Card

Use Memory Card Recovery Service.

Most easiest and safest way to recover memory card till now. To recover and data on memory card/SD card you can use this service.
It’s A Stellar Data Recovery service from the company. They Recover and video or photos from memory card / SD card.
By using these tips you can easily recover a photo and a video.

So friends I hope that you like this information and my post. For Amy query about this post please comment down in common section or contact us. And friends I’ll be back with new tips and tricks, till then bye.


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