Android comes in handy with the mobile these days so everything we need comes to our door step. Now we gonna see how to scan images and documents using mobile. Similarly, bar codes can also be scanned using these apps. As we needed scanners to scan the files that we need to send to someone, now we can use our mobiles to scan the images and documents and can even be converted into PDF and images. It is quite a time saving and user- friendly. More apps are now available for scanning and converting, as we always go for the best one we shall see the top trending apps for scanning which are free of cost and easy to use. Now we shall see the applications for scanning the documents. TOP TRENDING APPS TO SCAN IMAGES USING ANDROID

Top Scanners Apps For Android:-


Being the top rated app in Android market, Top Scanner has some specific features that makes this app unique. It takes only 34 MB storage space. Top scanner can scan files of all sizes ranging from receipt to multiple pages book. It has automatic upload and back up option which saves out time and file. The files scanned in Top Scanner are always in easy readable format. It makes is easy readable with its multiple filter options. If you are looking for a app with high speed and performance then this will be your answer

CAMERA SCANNER: (tap scanner):

.Coming to the next application is the camera scanner, its storage is 43MB it has a good rating in the play store. The camera scanner application is majorly used to scan documents, receipts, and even business cards. Some interesting features of this app is air print and fax documents. You can fax to almost to 30 countries. This app has wide range of export options. You can export to PDF, PNG, TXT files and share in social media or send as an attachment in mail. In addition we can edit OCR files. Smart cropping helps us to edit with optimize our files. If you don’t want any ads in between your works then you must buy thee premium version of Camera scanner. The home screen of this application is quite different from the top scanner and it appears to be user-friendly. TOP TRENDING APPS TO SCAN IMAGES USING ANDROID


Adobe has now launched a scanner application as Adobe scanner. Its usage of storage is 28 MB. What’s new in this application is you can scan and save the business cards to device contacts and no typing will be needed. This app can save our work even if we the app gets closed suddenly.You must create an acoount using your Facebook or gmail accounts. Allow the camera to take pictures for your scanning work. Adobe scan runs on advanced image technology which can recognize text, borders automatically. The only disadvantage is that like other apps it doesn’t have options to edit or convert.


This application is best according to my view although it holds fourth place in the top trending, it helps in speed digitization of the documents, photos and business cards. This app allows us to edit the text in the files using OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Cam Scanner comes with the Advanced Editing feature which is not available in any other apps. If you are looking for additional feature then just go for premium. While using premium account, you will provide with a security key to protect your work. Premium account will cost you 4.99 $ per month and 49.99 $ per year. Cloud storage has 10 GB space, can be even sync with third-party cloud storage applications such as Google drive and many. Its monthly premium value pack is 4.99 $ per month and 49.99 $ per year.


This application not only performs better but also consumes less space. The storage space is just 17 MB. This application is more handy and efficient. I personally recommend this application is best for scanning the image and makes your work easier and saves your time. We can enter the scan quality and change the file size as per our need. We can obtain a clear and precise form for poor quality files. The PDF sizes are available from A1 to A6. Now every application comes with the cloud storage. OCR similar to other applications recognizes the text easily. It follows the same step to install and make sure you allow the application to merge with your device. TOP TRENDING APPS TO SCAN IMAGES USING ANDROID Here we have similar interesting articles: