Top 5 Best Launcher Apps for Android

Top 5 Best Launcher Apps for Android SmartPhone

Hi Friends, In today’s tell you about the top 5 best launcher apps for android smartphone, then friends have you bore the android smart phone using the default launcher.

You will get at least 100s launches for android phone in the Google play store but they have only a few best launchers, and the other way to download and install is to waste internet data and time.

So friends you can not trust on all the launches, which launcher will be the best for your android phone, so today we are going to tell about the top 5 launcher of android phone, this launcher is free and you can download it from Play Store.

Android Phone’s Top 5 Best Launcher

#1  Google Now launcher

Google Now, you can give voice power to your phone using the launcher. You just have to say ok google and this launcher will work according to your voice if you say call Vinod then this launcher will be saved in your phone contact save If you say Take me to Agar, then this launcher will show the location of your Android Phone ke trough Agra. There are many commands you can use to use your Android phone with your voice.

Download Google Now launcher


#2 – Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Yahoo has created its android launcher a few days ago, which is named Aviate. Like this name, this launcher offers extra Ordaniry features Aviat launcher is very easy to use. In this launcher, you will get 4 sliding screens – home screen, important apps, settings option, all apps alphabetical arrange. If you do, the music app of your phone will automatically launch. This launcher already has wallpaper gallery. It is a smooth and light launcher.

Download Yahoo Aviate Launcher


#3 – Smart Launcher

This is the most beautiful launcher Smart launcher has a lot of app drive which makes this launcher a smart launcher. In the app drive, all the application category is set according to the Games category. If you have a different category then the internet application is a place, video apps, music all different In category, this launcher is the best for easy navigation. In the smart launcher, like google now, ok Google feature is also available.

Download Smart Launcher


#4 – Buzz Launcher

This launcher is cute for android phone. By using the Buzz Launcher, you can always be bore. The most important thing about this launcher is that there is a 1000+ types home screen which can be changed from time to time to give a new look to your phone. Buzz launcher is a super customizeable and smart launcher by downloading a lot of icons from internet or by selecting gallery from the home screen.

Download Buzz Launcher


#5 – Themer Launcher

Themer is also a great launcher, however, this launcher is a laucher similar to buzz laucher but it has the feature of uploading your theme. You can use the theme you created in it.

 Download Themer Launcher


So there are so many launcher available on the Play Store, but I have told you about the top 5 launcher. Select any launcher you like and select it by downloading and installing. All these launches are available for you at the play store.

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Top 5 Best Launcher Apps for Android SmartPhone

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