5 best tech news APP FOR iOS and android device:-

Here in this article, we share a list of the tech news applications that are, must-haves by the person who want to keep them self updated with the latest technology and never miss out latest technology updates and we also provide apps that will provide news in shorter version, that you can use when you have not much time for reading news.

1. Inshorts:

Inshorts is most popular short news apps which is available on the Android platform. As well as on iOS platform .This amazing app is a dedicated news reading app where the user can actually read the news in short form headline. The whole article is reduced to a few lines so that it will be easy for the reader to understand the whole news in fewer words possible. It is a perfectly informed application which is perfectly suitable for those who wish to remain informed by a few lines only.

2. Beebom:

Beebom application is an app that you need for all the technology related updates. First of all, the app brings you all the news from the tech world in a good format, so that you can read in a jiffy. However, if you love reading the full story, you can just tap on the Read more button on the bottom bar to get a detailed story of the same news. Plus, there is the much loved Trending Today section and some really cool gestures.

3. Pocket:

Pocket is the best news and article reading application which customizes the article content into headlines and bites so that any reader can look and save absolutely anything you come across on your smart phone or any device to come back later to read. The application allows offline reading as well, so this can help the user to read later without the internet connection.


4. Appy Geek:

The folks at News Republic, who created one of the most popular news applications that won the hearts of tech enthusiasts when they launched a tech news only application called Appy Geek. The application has Dark UI with even better animations. The animations are best-designed apps to shame. The best part about this app is that it comes pre-subscribed to various technology websites allowing you to start using the application as soon as you install it.


5. Newsy:

Newsy is one of the best short news applications available for Android platform. It is one of the most trusted and viewed news application in the U.S. and is known for being a great platform for reading news in forms of videos news network that actually produces short-form videos and news piece that provide a brief of the news and covering all important facts and figures about the same. It has a large category of news sections including national, international, science&health entertainment, technology, business, and sports.  These news are dedicatedly researched and presented in video form making the news far more reliable.


5 best tech news APP FOR iOS and android device:-