Best Tips on How to Photograph the Moon
The moon, photographing the moon is not that difficult to capture. All we need to know is the correct settings in the camera and adjust it. If you need the best picture you must definitely have a digital camera. Brands like Canon, Nikon are best to capture your moments. Ok first let we can move for the basic. Best Tips on How to Photograph the Moon
Moon photography, you may wonder what shall be different from normal photography. Yes, you can’t take a perfect picture of the moon without knowing the correct settings which have to be done. Learn the basic setting and became a pro and increase your skill level.

Tripod: Best Tips on How to Photograph the Moon

Tripod, it’s compulsory for taking a perfect and a sharp picture of the moon. A strong tripod will be better. First switch on the camera to live mode, keep your camera to manual mode. The lens focus shall also be kept in the manual mode. Turn off the VR (vibration reduction) when using the tripod, as you are using the tripod VR is not necessary.

ISO: Best Tips on How to Photograph the Moon

ISO, by choosing a higher ISO you can use faster shutter speed to freeze the movement. The moon always appears to be stationary but when you focus your lens up-to 500mm, the moon moves at a fast rate. Here we need to set the ISO up-to 150.

Shutter speed:  Best Tips on How to Photograph the Moon

Change the shutter speed ranging from 1/125 – 1/200. Diffraction will occur at this rate, so the aperture has to be set from f/8 to f/11. Diffraction, it a process by which a beam of light or wave travels when the light hits the object. In this case, while focusing the moon more diffraction occurs. If said for fun the moon appears as jelly and waves like a flag. This is the reason behind the shinning of the stars.

An additional tip, you can use an external trigger to click the picture, if not you can set the self-timer for 2 seconds in order to avoid disturbance. For better shot click the auto-bracket option for high definition shots. We can always make it brighter or darker and post so long as you capture everything and that’s actually all we need to do.

These are the steps which have to be followed. Now we can capture our best picture of the moon in a sharp focus. Only one shot has to be clicked? Obviously, not many photos have to be taken. The number of pictures you take makes your perfect moon.

The best part is you have to wait for a night when you have really clear skies and in fact, a cold night with low humidity is way better. No matter whatever lens you have the atmosphere is going to make your picture much softer. The humidity is going to move your light rays around. If you take it a high altitude of course that helps a lot.

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