Simple Extensions in Chrome Which Could Make Our Browsing Easier

Simple Extensions in Chrome Which Could Make Our Browsing Easier:-

Simple Extensions in Chrome

Extensions are small software which enables users to tailor the chrome functionality based on their own comfort. They are constructed on web technologies like HTML, Javascript, and CSS. An extension is for a single purpose which can also be defined as easy to understand. When we know to use these extensions in properly we can enjoy our browsing experience. We have come up with some simple extensions which could help you with your browsing.



People who are doing academic research need to read a lot of online papers and articles. These articles some may be free and some are not. They will prompt for a subscription. In those cases, we have this extension Unpaywall. Once you install it the work is very simple. It will search for the same free version of articles throughout the internet and pops into view if it found a match which is completely legal.

Download here unpaywall


Most of the websites run with ads. These ads sometimes hinder in the middle of our work and annoy us a lot. For these issues, we have a simpler extension AdBlock. We just need to download this extension and install it. Once installed, it will work automatically on all our pages and disable all ads. There are some websites which are getting paid for showing their ads. These websites won’t work if Adblock is enabled.  For those websites alone we can pause our Adblock.

Download here Adblock

Simple Extensions in Chrome

#Popup blocker:-

We all must have faced this issue like we will be working on some website and suddenly without any indication, a popup message or a tab will pop up. These popups may be malicious or just an ad. These popups can be stopped by just installing this extension “Popup blocker”. Same as Adblock we will face some trouble as some websites need this pop up’s for their better functioning. In those cases, we could just pause our extension for specific pages

Download here Pop up blocker

#Video downloader professional:-

The whole internet is stuffed with interesting media files. There are some videos which we would like to download and keep for our personal record instead of going to the website daily and wasting data. Not all pages come up with download option for their videos. If we install some apps for this purpose we have to copy the link and paste it and then download. This extension can solve all these issues with a just single click. You have to just add this extension to chrome whenever you play any videos. In the case of youtube this won’t work. For Youtube videos, you can simply put the phrase “ss” before the link and hit enter. It will lead to a page from where you can download.

Download here Video downloader professional


#skyZIP proxy:-

Trying to search for a page which is banned by the telecom provider or your institution. Here this extension will come in handy. Just install this extension and you can surf through any pages or download it. But these extensions might slow down your network upload/download speed.

Download here skyZIP proxy

#Antivirus extension:-

We highly recommend this extension as it protects us from online threat. There are much antivirus software which provide online security. You can select based on your comfort zones. Some of the top Antivirus software are K7 antivirus, Kaspersky, and Avast.

Simple Extensions in Chrome


Confused with many passwords and accounts, this extension could help you to solve your confusion. This is a very simple process you just need to add the extension to chrome. The only one thing you need to do is to remember the master password. So this extension saves all your passwords and accounts. Whenever you are trying to login it will autofill your passwords and username. It will also generate super secure passwords and fill it automatically whenever needed.

Download here LastPass

#Save to pocket:-

When you are in the middle of work and want to read some important articles or you are planning to read some articles later, this extension could help you. Save to pocket this is another interesting extension which will allow us to save articles and pages. We could read saved articles and pages later in the offline version.

Download here Save to pocket

#The Great Suspender:-

If you are a user who works with many tabs at the same time, then this extension will ease your work. When we are using many tabs chrome consumes more ram and slows down the performance of our system. This extension helps us by stopping the abandoned tabs until we click back on them. It also helps to keep the site open indefinitely or unload other websites for a short time.

Download here The Great Suspender

Hope you liked this article and please don’t forget to comment your feedback. If you know any other interesting extension then please do comment.

Simple Extensions in Chrome

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