How to save home appliance from the short circuit?

A short circuit is simply a low resistance connection between the two conductors supplying electrical power to any circuit, with a low resistance in the connection a high current will flow, which results in high power supply in short period of time. Short circuits can lead to heating of the power source and even can destroy the power source. Short circuits can cause severe damage to electrical equipment, fire hazard and etc. An enormous variety of situations cause short circuits and damage your home appliances.

So here are some tips to save your home appliances from short circuits

 Prevent electric circuit overload How to save home appliance from the short circuit?

Using so many appliances at the same time are the main reason for the short circuit. It is important to look out for ways of preventing overload before it leads to fire hazards. Move some appliances to a less used electric circuit. Do not use so many home appliances at the same time otherwise it causes to short circuit. For high demanding home appliances in the home or workplace, install a new circuit. Remember short circuits can lead to a fire hazard and loss of property.

Prevent heating of your home appliances How to save home appliance from the short circuit?

If any of your home appliances is heating then it can be the reason for short circuits. If your home appliances are heating then try to avoid them, don’t use them at all. It can be dangerous to use a damaged appliance. Repair such items.

Loose wire joints How to save home appliance from the short circuit?

If any of your home appliances have loose wire joint then you should not use that appliance, it can be very dangerous and reason of short circuit and fire hazard. Repair those loose joints and do not try to fix them by yourself. Do not try to do the wiring of your home or rewiring.


Miniature circuit breaker (MCB)-

Nowadays people are using miniature circuit breakers (MCB) instead of a fuse. It automatically switches off the electrical circuit during abnormal conditions and short circuits. Miniature circuit breaker (MCB) is much more sensitive than a fuse. It can easily identify the fault zone of the electrical circuit. Quick power restoration is possible by using a miniature circuit breaker (MCB).

Voltage stabilizers

Voltage stabilizers are used to control voltage fluctuation. To safeguard Fridge, air conditioners we need stabilizers. It helps to prevent from short circuits.


Spike Arrestors

Toasters, heaters, iron boxes, dryers, tungsten filament these items fail only when there is a sudden spike in voltage. We need spike arrestors and no stabilizers. Generally, the connection between the terminal and the heater terminal breaks due to a surge of current. You need spike-arrestors for this and no stabilizers.

AC/DC motors: How to save home appliance from the short circuit?

These motors used for fans, mixies, washing machines, grinders. Most modern appliances have a built-in regulator to cut off voltage when they are too low or too high.

Check cables

If any of your home appliances having spark then check the cable if there any dust or insect inside. Remove your rings and watches while working on electronics. Your rings and watches can cause a short circuit. How to save home appliance from the short circuit?


So these are some tips to how to prevent home appliances from short circuit. Please do comment your feedback

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