How to Prevent Ants from entering in our Laptop?

Everyone who has a laptop will often face this problem. I don’t know whether every laptop faces this problem form the ant scouts, but I am pretty sure at least 75 % of the people would have experienced it. How to Prevent Ants from entering in our Laptop?

The ants often enter inside the laptop through the cooling fan space and even though the keyboards. What we would do is, we keep tapping the keys and wait until each one of the ants comes out. We keep thinking how did these enter inside our laptop and why do they get in.

People who have the x-box and often more electronic products are captured by the ants. Now we shall see why the ants come inside our laptop and how to prevent it from coming further in the future. How to Prevent Ants from entering in our Laptop?

Species of the ant:

It won’t be the soldier ants or the weaver ants, because these ants never often build its nest in the human habitat, so what type of ant it will be. The pharaoh ants, these ants are the regular ants we see often. These ants have compound eye’s and have specialized cells that can detect the polarised light. This can also be the reason. Pharaoh ants have more than one queen. It builds a chamber inside the keys often mainly inside the spacebar keys.


Yes, they self destruct them unknowingly. Sometimes they enter inside the circuit and gets electrocuted. This causes the ant to release a scent which is detected by the other ants. Serves as a signal for the other ants when they are under attack. When they realize that they are being attacked they come out through the keyboard. So it gets out when we switch on the laptop because when the laptop gets switched on the circuit runs and produces heat and the ants run out after this

Other silly reasons:

The other silly reasons may be, using laptops with dirty hands or not washing the hands properly after we eat any sugary foods. Eating in front of the laptops may cause spilling of food particles inside the laptop. Not closing the laptop after using it.

Temporary solution for the removal of ants:

There are many simple ways to get rid of the ants temporarily and some are listed below

  • Take a piece of cloth and dip it in the kerosene, Now clean the keyboard with the dipped cloth. Ants run for the kerosene.
  • In a similar way, soap oil can also be used to clean it.
  • Spraying the body spray may also cause the ants to run. How to Prevent Ants from entering in our Laptop?

Note: Usage of Kerosene and Soap oil is not recommended as it may affect the Internal components of the System. If you are so sure of killing those pests then go for these methods. How to Prevent Ants from entering in our Laptop?

Tips to prevent the ants permanently:

Once you see the ants enter inside the laptop:

  • Keep the laptop in the sunlight for few minutes.
  • In case of more ants use boric powder.
  • Clean the laptop once a week using the cleaning kit.
  • Wash the hands before you use the laptop.
  • Avoid eating in front of the laptop.

Note: Usage of Cleaning Kit is highly recommendable as it is prescribed by the System Manufacturer. It won’t do any harm to the system

Hope with these tips you can get rid of those pesky ants. If you have any other ideas on this topic then do comment below.

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